That’s “Journey to the West”!
That is one of the four great masterpieces in China!
But now, such a story is about to come from the hands of Lin Yuan, or Chu Kuang!
Can Lin Yuan not be excited?
Sun Wukong is his childhood idol!
Monkey King, the Monkey King, is the yearning of many people!
Lin Yuan is absolutely certain that once “Journey to the West” comes out, all fairy novels will be crushed!
As for whether “Journey to the West” is considered a fairy tale, it doesn’t matter.
Anyway, in this world, gods are everywhere and monsters are as numerous as dogs.
The story of Journey to the West is a myth.
Just like prehistoric times.
The period during which Journey to the West takes place is very special.
It can be seen from the background of the story that there are countless descriptions of gods and goddesses. Heaven dominates the world, and even great figures from the prehistoric period serve in Heaven.
“Journey to the West” can be understood as a story that took place after the prehistoric times.
At the same time, it is a story that takes place before the era of all fairy novels in Blue Star.
Carrying forward the past and linking up the future.
After all, no one dares to say that the story of “Zhu Xian” takes place before Journey to the West.
Zhu Xian’s character combat power value, all added together, should not be ranked high in “Journey to the West”.
A fairy tale.
Usually the earlier the period, the higher the combat power value. Even if the Buddha is placed in the prehistoric period, the combat power value is not high.
Don’t think about this yet.
Lin Yuan’s eyes flashed.
He has decided that his next fantasy novel will be “Journey to the West”!
This novel is a combination of mythology and fairy civilization, and it also inherits the prehistoric period. It is definitely the purest oriental fantasy novel.
This is a story that can truly impact a generation, or even several generations!
So Lin Yuan is very serious!
Because the original work of “Journey to the West” was written by Lao Wu.
Wu Chengen is an ancient man, and his words and sentences are mainly in ancient prose.
Lin Yuan’s “Journey to the West” must be changed into a modern writing style that is easy to understand.
Under such circumstances, can I still guarantee the authenticity of Journey to the West?
Lin Yuan was a little worried.
at this time.
The system beeped:
“In view of the fact that the host wants to write Journey to the West, the system has converted Journey to the West into a modern writing mode, including a small adaptation of the background.”
The system attaches great importance to the spread of culture.
/Lin Yuan wanted to write the story of Journey to the West, but the system didn’t even take the money, so he jumped in to help!
after all
How could we forget Journey to the West?
There is another reason to choose Journey to the West:
The IP address of Journey to the West is too large!
So much so that many filmmakers only focused on the Monkey King, the Monkey King, and filmed c