g reveals his face, our army of New Year’s Eve fans will be ready to explode!”

“Fei Yang’s army is gathering!”
“The army of wood and stone is ready to go!”
“Obviously there is no suspense about the result, but I am really looking forward to it!”
The drama is finally here!
Both the audience and the netizens in front of the screen were ignited. Everyone wanted to watch this scene so much!
In terms of expectations, everyone’s desire for this event even exceeds the battle between the king of singers and the queen of singers!
Because this is a grudge match!
The samurai had declared war on King Lanling before!
The big screen begins to rotate the order of appearances.
Suddenly a barrage joked:
“The one who strikes first will lose?”
Someone followed: “In the face of absolute strength, all laws are ineffective!”
“We will definitely lose this game.”
“Prince Lanling commented that the samurai could not breathe well, and even stepped on a piece of wood and stone. Today’s retribution is coming.”
“Samurai: I heard that I can’t breathe? Then why did you lose?”
“Samurai: You’re not very good at breathing.”
“Samurai: The winner takes all. Now it’s my turn to comment on your performance, right?”
The barrage is all funny.
And the samurai has taken center stage.
He picked up the microphone, smiled and said: “I got the opponent I wanted to get the most. Before singing, I want to say something to my opponent.”
An Hong was amused: “Oh, there is also a declaration of battle?”
The warrior brought the microphone close to his mouth: “Teacher Lanling Wang has said more than once that I have problems with ventilation. Why don’t you listen to the next song and see how my ventilation is going.”
The scene was sensational!
The smell of gunpowder is strong enough!
Everyone is excited!
This is provoking King Lanling!
At this time, the samurai pressed his hand, and the scene gradually became quiet. There was an aura rising from the samurai’s body. It was the aura of a singer.
At this time.
The camera goes backstage.
Immediately afterwards.
The camera turned to a direction that few people paid attention to.
Everyone was surprised to find that here was a group of singers who had been unveiled before. Mu Shi, the uncovered singer who had been complained by King Lanling before about having ventilation problems, was actually here!
“Ha ha ha ha!”
“The program team is so good at playing!”
“As soon as the samurai finished talking about ventilating, the camera showed Mu Shi!”
“Make trouble, make trouble!”
“The samurai is going to slap you in the face!”
“Mu Shi: Brother, please teach Prince Lanling how to breathe!”
“Mu Shi: Revenge your brother!”
Shadiao netizens are already happy.
I have never encountered a program team that loves to do things so well, and the effects of various programs are immediately overwhelming!
At this time the light was turned on.
The warrior’s singing has begun!
As soon as he opened his voice, some of the audience exclaimed
It’s “Leave”!
“Leave” by Yang Zhongming!
If you