When that song is sung.
He once amazed the audience, the hot searches, and the major music rankings.
Lin Yuan can too!
This time it’s the King’s perspective.
“Isn’t it Darabonba Bedibedib Dobiluwong?”
The scene was buzzing!
“It’s coming!”
“Three voices!”
“Hahahaha, this song is making me laugh to death. How could anyone come up with such a bad name like Darabengbabiruweng? Father Yang is going to scold him. Xianyu’s lyrics are starting to be perfunctory again!”
“This song is so fun!”
“What a cheerful rhythm!”
“Dad Yang: All the bells and whistles!”
“I laughed so hard that my stomach ached. The princess was kidnapped by the dragon, and the king sent warriors to rescue him. The story of Xianyu’s song is so childish, but he changed his voice every time he spoke, and he just sang three This one is not one-on-one at all, but six singers competing on the stage!”
This song is so happy!
The audience got excited!
This time it changed to the perspective and tone of the dragon:
“I am Kuntukutakatikautsuwasilazon, come again Kuntukutakatikautsuwasilasan!”
It is completely different from the previous three sounds.
This time the voice was very nasal.
It was as if there really was a talking dragon speaking.
The whole audience was completely excited!
“How scary!”
“Four voices!!”
“Shocking and hilarious!”
“Is he really the only one there?”
“I suspect my headphones are broken!”
“Mama asked me why I knelt down to listen to the song!”
“Who said voice actors are all monsters? In front of Xianyu, all monsters have to stand aside. Bi Anan has one more voice. Xianyu is a group when he stands alone on the stage!”
“Remote and beautiful village, open all the treasure chests.”
“The wind and frost accompanied the holy moonlight that guided the way, breaking into a cave, the princess and the terrifying dragon, and the hero pulled out the big sword!”
This time!
The audience was confused!
The singer was confused!
The composer was confused!
Everyone was stunned!
It was already terrifying for An An to sing three voices, but Lin Yuan unexpectedly sang five voices, from the narrator to the brave to the king to the little girl to the dragon. One person played the role of five voices and switched seamlessly.
Is that human being?
I have damn proof!
Xianyu is artificial intelligence!
At this moment, everyone was stunned listening to this song!
And Lin Yuan sang a difficult coloratura turn during the interlude of the song. Both the pitch and intonation were extremely gorgeous!
Show off your skills?
Very impressive!
But the song itself has no meaning, and the lyrics just tell a boring fairy tale, and the lyrics are a complete mess.
Sometimes slowly.
/Sometimes fast.
The voice keeps turning!
This was a personal show by Xianyu. The stage was so gorgeous that Lin Yuan couldn’t help but dance a little to the music.
Although his dance is unstructured, it has a unique charm!
All the singers’ scalps were numb and their goosebumps were rising wildly;
The composers’ expressions were exaggerated, as if th