“It seems that the new website can only rely on the two big guys, Ye Shenchen and Tianmen, who are good at Wangdao comics.”
“Three people working at the same time can still hope to support it. Two people are too reluctant. Do you really think two cartoonists can support a website?”
“Obviously all three of them are struggling!”
“Besides, what if the new works of those two are not satisfactory?”
“After all, no one can guarantee that their new work will be a hit, even if it is of high quality. Just look at Shadow’s “Kindaichi Boy’s Incident Book”.”
“Shadow should have a steady hand.”
“I’m convinced. It’s a disadvantageous situation to begin with, but he still likes to play rough.”
Don’t talk about netizens.
Even the fans are confused.
This wave of shadows is simply braving the disapproval of the world!
And in tribal comics.
Cartoonists had mixed reactions.
Some people feel sorry.
Some people despised it.
Some people are puzzled.
Someone sneered.
“This shadow must be poisonous!”
“Still not giving up on reasoning?”
“Maybe my pride has been stimulated. I saw that the two eldest brothers Xianyu and Chu Kuang are so awesome. Chu Kuang’s mystery novel “Detective Sherlock Holmes” has become popular all over the world. Then I think about whether my mystery comics are well received or not. , so you feel unbalanced and want to prove your ability to reason?”
“Obviously he has something he is better at.”
“Is there something wrong with my mentality if I have to follow the path I have failed before?”
“I heard from the gossip that the reason why he broke up with the tribe was because of the serialization performance problem of “Kindaichi Boy’s Incident Book”. Maybe this was his heart problem, so he wanted to overcome it and prove that the tribe was wrong by the way?”
“Whatever the reason, he was clearly on top.”
“Actually, I can understand it. Let me analyze his mentality for you. Shadow’s friends are at the level of Xianyu and Chu Kuang. What the three of them have in common is that it has been smooth sailing since their debut. Basically every work has been a hit. As a result, this time his shadow stretched his hips. You should know how big an accidental failure is for a genius who has never experienced failure, so he started to get into trouble.”
Netizens think Shadow is too willful!
The industry believes that this is a problem with Shadow’s mentality.
After all, the more so-called genius you are, the worse your ability to withstand stress is.
That’s right.
Horde comics and the newly formed alliance are sure to be rivals.
But in fact, the writer of tribal comics has no grudge against Shadow.
/From now on, it’s just about everyone being their own master.
Who is the one who insists on not liking shadows?
Maybe some Chuzhou cartoonists don’t like shadows very much.
Because the shadow once represented Qinzhou and severely hit the Chu people’s comic circle.
So apart from people who don’t like shadows, many people actually think it’s a pity.
“I wonder if Shadow can come out this time.”
Someone s