ssful, he can gain some reputation, which gives Lin Yuan a slight sense of expectation.

After Lin Yuan got up, he logged into the Longyue Game Platform and searched for “Plants vs. Zombies.”
The game is indeed online, and it costs ten yuan to download.
However, because the game has not been online for long, there are not many downloads at this time, and there are not many people in the comment area.
For paid games, netizens are still more cautious when downloading them.
I guess over time, someone will discover the charm of this game.
Lin Yuan didn’t pay much attention. He downloaded the game and played it for a while before throwing it aside.
at this time.
There was a knock on the door.
Lin Yuan opened the door and saw his sister Lin Yao at the door.
“elder brother.”
“I got my diploma today.”
“Graduation certificate?”
Lin Yuan laughed: “Congratulations on your graduation.”
Lin Yuan knew that his sister had been busy with the thesis recently, and they had talked about it several times during dinner at home. Now it seemed that the thesis had been passed smoothly.
“Then what do you want to do after graduation?”
Lin Yuan was excited and very interested in making suggestions: “Are you a painting major, are you interested in drawing comics, or do you prefer traditional painting?”
Lin Yao shook her head: “No.”
“No talent.”
The younger sister rolled her eyes: “You have a friend! He is very good at painting. I probably compared it to a level that I can’t reach in my life.”
Lin Yuan:
The influence of family on children is indeed huge.
“Then what do you want to do?”
“I’ll tell you when I think about it.”
My sister said: “Now I just want to chase stars.”
“Chasing who?”
“Jiang Kui, I want to attend her fan meeting.”
“Then wait a moment.”
Lin Yuan closed the door and made a phone call.
Twenty minutes later.
Inside the Lin family’s villa.
Jiang Kui and Lin Yao stared at each other.
What a unique fan meeting.
/This is destined to be an unforgettable fan meeting for both Jiang Kui and Lin Yao.
When leaving the Lin family, Jiang Kui was confused.
who I am?
where am I?
What am I doing?
If it weren’t for the photo of himself and Lin Yao taken on his phone, Jiang Kui would have thought it was a dream.
I seem to have made an appointment with Zhao Yingchrome today and went to her house to play.
Getting in the car, Jiang Kui set off.
Half an hour later, Jiang Kui arrived at Zhao Yingke’s home.
Zhao Yingchrome was wearing a red silk pajamas, showing off her beautiful figure. She opened the door and complained to Jiang Kui:
“I thought you let me go, why did you arrive so late?”
The relationship between the singers of the Fish Dynasty is determined by Xianyu, sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad.
In good times, the girls get along with each other as best friends, and occasionally make appointments to meet in private.
Today the relationship between the two is very good, and they are sitting on the same boat of friendship.
“Excuse me.”
Jiang Kui stuck