Outside was the office, and the composers all turned to look at Sun Yaohuo’s act of handing the music score, with strange expressions.
There’s something wrong with this guy
Deputy supervisor Wu Yong passed by and asked in surprise: “Teacher Sun, what are you doing?”
“November, leave it to me!”
Sun Yaohuo laughed and said something to Wu Yong, and then left the office happily amid countless stunned stares.
The strange thing is:
At this moment, Sun Yaohuo didn’t think about this song or his singing progress at all, but was thinking about unrelated thoughts:
“The wood of the cabinet in my junior’s office is not of the highest quality, and the space is not big enough. It doesn’t seem to be enough to put things in. I will replace it with a bigger one later.”
This thought turned so naturally that it seemed to become an instinct.
Facts have proved that Sun Yaohuo can really do it.
A few days later.
The song “Blue and White Porcelain” was successfully recorded.
With the system props, Sun Yaohuo’s song control ability has improved a lot, and he can now perform this song perfectly.
When Lin Yuan tasted the sweetness and wanted to buy this kind of prop that can change people’s singing skills, the system no longer sold it.
No more money.
Lin Yuan suspected that he might not have given enough, but he could not afford to give more, so he could only give up.
/And not long after recording the song.
In Lin Yuan’s office, all wooden appliances including tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. were replaced.
Sun Yaohuo specially asked someone to order it.
It is said that they are all rare and good things.
Lin Yuan couldn’t say specifically how good these items were, but he just felt that these tables, chairs, and cabinets had become better-looking, and the user experience had also been greatly improved.
But Gu Dong knew something about these things.
She excitedly told Lin Yuan about what kind of top-grade wood these new tools were. Regardless of the rarity of the wood itself or all aspects of the production process, they were considered master-level works of art.
Lin Yuan still had no idea.
It wasn’t until the chairman passed by one day and looked at Lin Yuan’s office with bright eyes that he couldn’t help but touch the cabinet for a while that just fit the room and was much larger than before. Lin Yuan roughly knew that this thing was probably really big. valuable.
And shortly after the chairman left.
Lin Yuan’s office was inexplicably lively.
Many company executives came to visit him for one reason or another, and their eyes inevitably wandered back and forth on the tables, chairs, and cabinets.
There are many people who imitate the chairman’s touch.
“Representative Lin, ours is now the most luxurious office in the company. If someone comes in and orders something casually, they can make a fortune. Not to mention the blue and white porcelain that the chairman sent last time, even if you just get it here, Order some tea, or move a chair for a run, and you’ll definitely come away with a full meal.”