shots, and they had the aura of being in a high position without being angry and proud. However, when they met Lin Yuan, no one showed off.

Everyone was very enthusiastic and polite.
Xianyu is no small person either.
/A group of people took turns shaking hands with Lin Yuan.
After all kinds of pleasantries.
Defan smiled and said: “We all like Teacher Xianyu’s song, but I came here today to discuss the song changes with you. How about we change the title of this song directly to “Qinzhou Welcomes You” ?”
If it’s Huang Dongzheng’s song, everyone can decide for themselves.
However, this song is Xianyu’s work, and Lan Yunhui still wants to say hello in advance and show full respect.
“no problem.”
Lin Yuan is not stubborn, and of course there is no problem with this kind of change. After all, the song must be suitable for the occasion.
“The title of the song has been changed, and the lyrics may also need to be slightly adjusted.”
A leader sent by the Literary and Art Association said: “You’d better join in. There are some more representative lyrics. I think you are the most suitable to sing.”
Lin Yuan is easy to talk to.
Definite said: “Actually, there are basically no changes to the songs. We come here mainly for another purpose.”
Lin Yuan asked: “What?”
This time it was the leader of the Sports Bureau’s turn to speak: “Let’s still write songs. We would like to ask you to write a separate song to cheer for our Qinzhou athletes.”
Cheer up?
Lin Yuan smiled.
The Blue Games is a treasure trove of prestige.
After winning the promotional theme song, Lin Yuan was still thinking about how to continue to gain the reputation of the Blue Games, but the opportunity came to his door.
This didn’t bother him:
“I’ll write at night.”
Everyone was stunned. Are you writing at night?
It sounded like he could finish it in one night, and he wasn’t an elementary school student doing homework.
That’s probably not what it means.
Everyone didn’t think much and chatted with Lin Yuan about the singer of the song “Qinzhou Welcomes You”.
“Not only Qinzhou, but also some singers from other continents are invited as appropriate.”
When Lin Yuan expressed his hope to bring in the Yu Dynasty singer to sing, everyone had no objections.
Lan Yun would ask Lin Yuan for help, and he had to give Lin Yuan some benefits.
Leaders are not stubborn.
Lin Yuan is easy to talk to, and they are also easy to talk to. Besides, the singers from Yu Dynasty are all top-notch, so they have enough qualifications anyway.
Chatted for nearly an hour.
Everyone was having a good time chatting with each other.
Before leaving, several leaders smiled and asked Lin Yuan for his autograph, and the reasons were quite consistent:
“My daughter likes you very much”
“My son is your fan”
“My grandson loves your Spider-Man!”
“My wife likes you”
“I like you”
Lin Yuan happily signed autographs for everyone.
After everyone left, Gu Dong was already immersed in the shock and joy of meeting a group of big shots. If she hadn’t been Lin Yua