e live broadcast was also stunned.

It’s time to read poetry.
Lin Yuan’s eyes were like lightning. This was a poetry conference, and the competition was about poetry, so let’s use poetry to speak today!
When people came to their senses one after another.
The audience’s adrenal glands started pumping and their scalps started to tingle!
This poem is so crazy, the fish actually compares itself to the roc, soaring up into the sky! ?
As soon as he opened his mouth, it was shocking!
“If the wind stops and comes down, it can still blow away the water.”
Lin Yuan’s recitation had just begun. His eyes swept across all the literati: “Everyone in the world sneered when they saw my Hengshu tune and heard my great words.”
/The camera panned across the scholar’s face.
There are actually people who are actually sneering to themselves.
But this sneer has gradually become stiff on Lin Yuan’s face since he opened his mouth.
Lin Yuan leaned down, his eyes were sharper than ever before, his mouth was close to the microphone, and an electric current appeared in his voice:
“Xuanfu is still afraid of future generations!”
“The husband must not be young!!”
After Lin Yuan finished reciting this sentence, he had already covered his table cards with his backhand, snapping, and his movements were crisp and without hesitation.
I quit.
Confucius said that young people are to be feared. Since you don’t want me to be a judge, then I will come down and play with you today!
The name of this poem is “Shang Li Yong”.
Li Bai wrote this poem because he was very dissatisfied with Li Yong’s attitude of looking down on young people.
I am a roc bird!
It will soar for nine days!
This is one of Li Bai’s craziest works.
Lin Yuan is going to be very aggressive today.
Director Huang told me not to be too high-profile as a judge, let alone criticize you.
Be a player.
When you are a player, you don’t have to worry about these things. When you are a player, you can run wild without restraint. The person we are fighting with you today is not Xianyu, Chu Kuang, or Lin Yuan!
The words are endless and the ink is endless. What I want to fight with you is Li Bai, Su Dongpo, and the eternal romance of the Celestial Dynasty!
this moment.
The scene was completely silent!
The barrage in the live broadcast room was stagnant!
The power of this poem combined with this situation is so shocking!
In the office of the chairman of Xingmang Entertainment, Li Songhua originally had a solemn expression, but when he heard the poem recited by Lin Yuan, he suddenly laughed wildly: “The roc rises with the wind in one day, soaring ninety thousand miles!”
/Only Xianyu!
Only Chu Kuang!
Only he could write such a poem!
It’s ridiculous that this group of literati tried their best to pull Xianyu off the judges’ bench, but they didn’t know that Xianyu who was not a judge was the most terrifying!
Isn’t it good to be alive?
You actually pulled him down, which is like a dragon entering the sea and a roc rising into the sky. This poetry