Lin Yuan nodded.
Tong Shuwen smiled and said: “There is a musical chorus at the end of our Spring Festival Gala program, but there has never been a suitable song, so I would like to ask you to help write one.”
“The chorus at the end?”
This program indeed requires preparation by the Spring Festival Gala organizers. He thought for a while and said:
Lin Yuan also prepared a chorus for the Blue Star Spring Festival Gala, but it was a chorus by Yu Dynasty, and the song was “Love Each Other.”
This song is definitely not for children’s books.
But apart from this one, Lin Yuan also has other works suitable for chorus, such as Love each other
Sounds like fun?
Blue Star Spring Festival Gala prepared a song “Love each other”.
The Qinzhou Spring Festival Gala prepared a song called “Love Each Other, Family”.
/Lin Yuan felt that it was quite meaningful to do this, and it also contained a certain meaning.
Tong Shuwen was overjoyed when he heard this. After recording the program with Lin Yuan for so long, he was very confident in Xianyu’s lyrics and composition skills!
The song Xianyu promised will definitely be good!
“Then I’ll thank you in advance!”
Tong Shuwen and Lin Yuan are friends.
Friends talk without too much scruple. During this meal, Tong Shuwen confided in Lin Yuan a lot of difficult things at work.
Lin Yuan listened quietly.
Say a few words from time to time.
Ten minutes later, Tong Shuwen suddenly burst into laughter:
“Look at me as a director. I’ve been complaining to you for a long time. Let me tell you, how are the preparations for the Blue Star Spring Festival Gala?”
“It’s past the primary election.”
“I know you are fine. Then we will wait for the results from Zhongzhou. News will usually be available within a week, but for the Fish Dynasty, this is just a process.”
Results will be available in one week.
This is Tong Shuwen’s experience and judgment.
/However, the results surprised everyone.
Because as a week passed, there was no news from Zhongzhou.
Everyone in the Yu Dynasty was a little anxious.
Does it take so long to select programs for the Spring Festival Gala?
Not to mention Yu Dynasty, Director Lian Li, who is in charge of Qinzhou program selection, is anxious!
The efficiency of program selection in Zhongzhou is very unreasonable. Under normal circumstances, the selection results for the programs submitted by each continent will be given within a week. After all, the performers still need time to rehearse.
What’s the matter with you dragging and screaming?
He couldn’t help but contact Zhongzhou to inquire about the situation, but the reply he got was very perfunctory: “The selection of the Spring Festival Gala program is a big matter, and the results will come after waiting patiently for a while.”
All right.
The results of the Central Continent selection are finally out.
Appearing together with the selection results of the Fish Dynasty program was an assistant director from the Zhongzhou Spring Festival Gala directing team!
“Invite Yu Dynasty, I want