t like an erhu work at all with its strong passion!

The intervals of different spans jump up and down, the continuous and rapid rhythmic sound patterns and the meticulous rhythm processing, against the background of the open and unrestrained fortissimo and the rapid and powerful sound patterns, the pitch material of the theme is continuously compressed through rhythm.
Melody progression!
Fast sixteenth note groove!
Under the transformation of the modular method, people feel as if they have entered a racecourse when listening to the sound of instrumental music.
The horses gallop!
Warm and joyful!
The expressions of audiences from all continents changed instantly;
Countless music dads from the coaching staff from all continents also suddenly opened their mouths!
Zhongzhou Live Room.
Tang Ming’s heart skipped a beat.
The variation technique adds decoration to the theme melody sound and fills in the rhythm.
The brisk and lively rhythm makes the music dynamic, and also makes the original theme closer to the image of “horse racing” in terms of musical character.
Immediately afterwards.
Second variation.
Played by the accompaniment part, the simple melody is hidden and jumps back and forth between three octaves, as the pitch position changes:
The horse gallops!
/Tang Ming’s breathing suddenly accelerated, and his eyes were full of disbelief!
Deliberately missing the mark
play jumping broken chords
The two are then vividly combined
No wonder it’s so weird!
This is clearly a violin plucking technique!
How did he think of it! ?
Tang Ming’s breathing almost stopped!
Laymen listen to the excitement, while insiders listen to the secrets.
After listening to it for a while, Tang Ming knew that the biggest advantage of this song “Horse Racing” was that it borrowed the violin’s plucking technique to make the music unique and unique!
That’s right.
Be unique!
This piece of music directly subverts many people’s impressions of the erhu!
Who says the erhu can only play some sad melodies?
At this moment, Xianyu turned the Erhu performance scene into a passionate “racecourse”!
Spray bow!
Trembling finger sounds!
Su Lian on the stage was completely selfless.
Sometimes she flicks her right wrist momentarily; sometimes she uses her fingers to hit the second note above the note in rapid succession, repeating the 32nd note and the note above alternately.
Time and time.
She relied on the agile movements of her fingers to make the bow hairs tighten and loosen alternately on the string.
A short and elastic sound sounded.
Finally, Su Lian began to imitate the playing method of plucked instruments, using her fingers to pluck the strings to make sounds.
Like the sound of horse hooves!
Wonderful technique, extremely high art!
Did you hear that?
The voice of the Erhu God!
/Tang Ming’s face looked a little pale!
Is this based on the playing method of some plucked instruments, using your fingers to pluck the strings to make sounds, imitating the sound of horse hooves?