e was already filled with people!

Qin Zhou’s score is too high, and Qin Zhou’s songs are so good!
This is indeed the case.
Fei Yang led the choir to win the gold medal.
This singer from Qinzhou participated in four events and won the championship in all of them!
The result of the chorus is known.
Before the next project officially started, the media news on the Internet was already flying!
“Chasing dreams with a pure heart, Fei Yang sings with great enthusiasm!” 》
“Xianyu’s new song shows the big picture: all continents go hand in hand!” 》
“Xianyu strikes again, still strong!” 》
“After four days, Xianyu won another gold medal for Qinzhou! 》
In terms of the quality of the work alone, in fact “Chasing Dreams” is not Xianyu’s best song.
Under certain circumstances and at certain times, this song is invincible.
Such as the present moment.
Too many players shed tears on the stage at the Blue Concert.
The audience has witnessed countless regrets these days.
This made everyone appreciate the excitement and cruelty of the competition, but at the same time, they couldn’t help but feel depressed.
/Players and coaches are not immune to this.
Under such circumstances, a song like “Chasing Dreams” suddenly appeared, which had a huge impact on everyone’s emotions.
/Breaking sound!
Hot blooded!
The whole song is hearty and hearty, and although it recalls the games of the past few days, the tone is not sad.
That high-spirited and upward force inspired everyone’s enthusiasm.
The messy emotions that all the audience had due to the game were completely released through this song!
The right time, right place and right people!
There are very few songs at this time that can compete with “Chasing Dreams”!
This song perfectly sings the hearts of countless people!
Not to mention the big picture reflected in the arrangement of this song!
That video paid tribute to all dream chasers in a mv-like format.
There are no continental restrictions.
The themes expressed and elaborated on are:
As long as you have fought hard, no matter what the result is, no matter which continent you represent in the competition, everyone deserves applause!
It seemed that the song “Chasing Dreams” helped everyone vent all their emotions, and the audience’s attention finally returned to the game itself.
The game continues.
New projects take place.
While the various continents’ live broadcast rooms were explaining, the topic still couldn’t get around Xianyu:
“Do you think Xianyu still has songs?”
“Nothing happened to him in the previous four days of competition, but today he suddenly jumped out and scared the baby to death.”
“It should really be gone now.”
“After all, there are only a few days left in Lan Le Club.”
“Don’t rush to a conclusion yet, there might be another one later!”
“Isn’t it?”
“Look at the schedule. There is a folk song event tonight, and Wei Yunxiang is participating!”
“Sister Lucky?”
What projects are announced in advance every day.
Who will participate in the project