an each occupy a role.

The three people are intertwined and set off each other, and they are both distinct and coherent.
This structure and characterization technique created a new way of writing human narratives in martial arts novels, and also demonstrated Mr. Jin’s terrifying control.
Based on this alone, “Dragon” can establish a monument of martial arts.
Multiple protagonists are not Jin Yong’s first creation.
Many martial arts masters have tried to create multiple protagonists.
/It’s a pity that no martial arts work with multiple protagonists can compare with this “Dragon Movie”.
Including Ssangyong and Shuangjiao, which many people talk about.
What’s even weirder is
There are also two chapters dedicated to describing Zhuang Juxian in this “Dragon and the Eight Parts”.
Looking at the full text of “The Eight Parts of the Dragon”, it is about 1.5 million words.
Lin Yuan was a little reluctant to get it done within a month, but fortunately there were still more than forty days until the end of next month.
As a strong coder, it is not difficult to write 30,000 to 40,000 words every day.
As for whether this novel can stabilize its ranking, or even move itself further up the list of writers?
Lin Yuan didn’t know either.
You won’t know until you fight whether it’s a fight or not.
And when Lin Yuan wrote about Tianlong.
Lu Yang suddenly announced his comeback with a new book, but dropped a blockbuster on the Qinzhou literary world!
The hot man is back!
The Qinzhou novel world was shocked!
“It has been announced to the public that the book is closed, but Teacher Lu Yang actually launched a surprise attack and even finished writing a new book!”
“Call Master Lu!”
“Master Lu is here for Chu Kuang!”
“Now it’s fun to watch!”
“Going to the theater and watching the show, they all belong to our Qinzhou anyway.”
“If there is any writer ranked lower than Chu Kuang who can bring down the old thief, it can only be Master Lu.”
“Chu Kuang is in danger!”
“Master Lu is not an ordinary writer, otherwise he wouldn’t be ranked eleventh in the first issue of the Writers Ranking, only one step away from the top ten!”
Lu Yang is known as “Master Lu”.
Because Lu Yang’s masterpiece novel is called “The Master”, he has such a nickname. At the same time, this nickname also carries people’s recognition of his achievements.
at the same time.
Qinzhou netizens are also excited!
“Master Lu is here. He wants to regain his ranking!”
“Laughing to death!”
“A writer’s mouth is so deceptive. Master Lu even said that he had stopped writing, but it turned out that he was just hiding away and writing a new book?”
“It seems that there is going to be a wave of civil war in Qinzhou on the Blue Star Writers Ranking?”
“As a Qin person, I neither support nor oppose anyone. It would be great if either of these two people succeeds. Anyway, it is the honor of our Qinzhou!”
“Aren’t you a fan of the old thief?”
“It’s the fake fans who shout “Cheer up Chu Kuang” all day long. Do you think the true fans of the old th