requels, main stories and sequels, which inevitably takes time to write.

However, if he hadn’t recently transformed into a fish to participate in “Our Song” and created so many dances, he would have finished writing the Galaxy Empire series and solved the remaining two literary opponents.
It’s a pity that this thing cannot be explained to the outside world.
Lin Yuan could only prepare to release the recently completed Base series while surfing the Internet to explore the situation.
Just like Kaneki said.
Many people on the Internet have made similar remarks, saying that Chu Kuang has run out of inspiration for science fiction.
Not only that.
This group of people also tried their best to encourage Chu Kuang’s two remaining literary opponents to seize the opportunity to strike a fatal blow!
Chu Kuang’s remaining two literary opponents came from Central Continent.
One is named Chen Shi and the other is named Wen Shao.
at this time.
Chen Shi’s blog comment area.
“Come on!”
“Teacher Chen Shi, don’t be afraid!”
“Take advantage of his illness to kill him!”
“Chu Kuang hasn’t shown his face for two months in a row. It must be because he has no new works on hand. You can directly end his winning streak by taking action now!”
“What are you afraid of!”
“Chu Kuang estimates there are only eight bullets!”
“The eight opponents in front have exhausted his bullets!”
“You or Wen Shao, whoever takes action first will achieve the goal of killing Chu Kuang!”
/the other side.
Wen Shao’s blog comment area.
It’s not just people who hate Chu Kuang.
Even Wen Shao’s own fans are encouraging him.
“If Teacher Wen Shao doesn’t take action, Chen Shi will eat his flesh. Now is Chu Kuang’s period of weakness!”
“Hurry up and sneak in!”
“Let me analyze it for you. The temper of the old thief Chu Kuang. If you have a trick, can you survive for two months?”
“Surely not?”
“He must be out of ideas.”
“Beat Chu Kuang and you will be the hero of all science fiction writers in Blue Star!”
“Chu Kuang has never lost in a literary fight. Don’t you want to break this record yourself?”
“If we delay it any longer, Chu Kuang will have inspiration for his new book!”
Move with emotion!
Make sense!
All the netizens who hate Chu Kuang regard Chen Shi and Wen Shao as their last hope. They really feel that Chu Kuang’s inspiration has been exhausted, so there has been no movement for two consecutive months.
Chen Shi was tempted.
Wen Shao was also tempted.
The two got together to chat.
“I think the analysis of these people is quite reasonable. Chu Kuang has ignored us for two consecutive months. Is it because he has no more recruits?”
“Then I take action?”
“Should I go first?”
“Let me test the water for you first.”
“I appreciate brother’s kindness. If someone is destined to fall first, let me fall in front of you!”
Wen Shao said.
Chen Shi rolled his eyes.
After Wen Shao had been talking so grandly for a long time, didn’t he believe the analysis of those netizens and think that this was th