riters who had openly expressed their yin and yang in the past seemed to have changed their faces at this moment, smiling and running blogs to congratulate him.

In addition to “congratulations”, he also kept mentioning key words.
Lin Yuan didn’t have any special feelings about this.
He basically didn’t remember who had a crush on him before or who was dissatisfied with him before. He only knew a few familiar faces who were relatively active.
Not just reviews from all sides.
Three-Body Problem also had some profound cultural consequences.
this day.
An Internet writer used “The Workplace Is a Dark Forest” as a theoretical basis to create a popular article that has been widely read.
This article combines the three-body dark forest theory with the workplace and touches the hearts of countless readers!
Immediately afterwards.
Many public accounts and other platforms have followed suit, and there are more and more similar articles.
One of the articles imitates the format very well, called “Application of Dimensionality Reduction Attacks in Entrepreneurship”.
Can entrepreneurship be related to two-way foil?
This is a profound manifestation of the writer’s ability to bullshit.
What’s even more outrageous is that many Internet practitioners particularly admire the jungle law setting of “Dark Forest”.
Some Internet influencers even directly regard it as a guide to reality.
In fact.
All for the sake of popularity.
These capitalists originally had similar views.
Talking about the dark forest’s dimensionality reduction attack, they were just using Chu Kuang’s power to talk about their affairs.
And after this happened too many times.
Major media reports:
“The Three-body Phenomenon Sweeps the Global Commercial and Financial Internet Circles!” 》
“Is this science fiction or an entrepreneurial guide? 》
“Dimensionality reduction attack has become the hottest word nowadays!” 》
“Dark Forest Theory has attracted the praise and affirmation of many capital bosses!” 》
“Chu Kuang, a man who looks more like an alien than a Trisolaran!” 》
“Science fiction writers around the world are convinced!” 》
“Experts predict that the ranking of Chu Kuang writers will continue to improve!” 》
All right.
Lin Yuan was most concerned about the last piece of news.
He had heard too much about Rainbow Fart, and he just wanted to get down to it.
/This is a guaranteed target.
Of course you have to pay attention to it.
Judging from the current public response to “The Three-Body Problem”, there should be no problem with this guarantee.
Considering there is still some time left this year.
Lin Yuan was thinking that he might be able to produce some new works before the end of the year.
The discussion about the three-body problem is not over yet.
On an online variety show called “Big Shots Chatting Hot Topics”.
The three-body problem has become a hot topic in the latest issue.
This program will talk to the big guys in the corresponding circles about some recent major events in the circles, and