of music? One bullet broke through the pearl sac, and the sound of golden disks bursting out was intermittent.

In the sound of pipa.
The drumming continued again.
The two complement each other.
In front of the big drum, Lin Yuan stretched out his figure and danced between the pipa and the drums. It was a dance full of classical charm, with no added fragrance, no restraint of lead and beauty, glorious autumn chrysanthemums, and gorgeous flowers. Spring pine!
This moment.
/Like a glance for thousands of years.
Everyone was stunned.
The fish actually danced in the music!
It’s no secret that Xianyu can dance. Some people even think that he is the person who knows how to dance best in the world. But under such music and in such an atmosphere, when he is as graceful as a startling dragon, he is as impressive as a startling dragon. Such a beautiful dance still amazed everyone in the golden hall!
This is a dance that Lin Yuan independently choreographed for more than a year with reference to the musical style of “The Entering Song of the King of Lanling” and the movements of many classic classical dances in our dynasty. It is completely different from Neon Yayue.
That’s right.
This is Lin Yuan’s original dance.
Lin Yuan named it “Heroic Soul”.
The unique charm and beauty of the East is implicit but not low-key, blooming wantonly.
Perhaps this kind of dance no longer belongs to King Lanling, because when Lin Yuan was dancing, he was thinking of countless heroic souls who had shed their blood on the battlefield throughout the ages.
Yellow sand can wear golden armor in a hundred battles, and Loulan will never be returned until it is broken.
But the flying generals of Dragon City are here, and Hu Ma is not taught to cross the Yin Mountain.
Why don’t men take Wu Gou and collect the fifty states in Guanshan?
Eight hundred miles away, the people under his command are burning, and the sound of fifty strings turning over the Great Wall.
Late at night, I lie down listening to the wind and rain, and the iron horse glacier falls into my dream.
Lord Don’t laugh while lying drunk on the battlefield. How many people have fought in ancient times?
It was like countless heroic souls awakening from their slumber, blending into Lin Yuan’s dance to the sound of drums.
No one can tell what style of dance this is. It is tender, heroic and even tragic.
You can say it is a war dance, but it seems to be more than just a war dance. Sometimes it is like a kind of release, or it may just be like a warrior, bravely killing the enemy on the battlefield and taking the lead. For example, he suddenly points his finger at the enemy. Wentian has the aura of “a house filled with flowers and drunk with three thousand guests, a sword that freezes fourteen states”; another example is that his eyes are electric and his movements are like the wind, and he seems to have a bit of “traveling to fight three thousand miles in one body, one sword in fourteen states”. The sword once served as the master of millions”.
Like the sky shaking a