how difficult it is to lead these naughty children. Let Teacher Xianyu experience our work today!”

“Xianyu will definitely regret it!”
“He’ll soon learn that washing dishes is much easier than working in kindergarten!”
“The feeling of immersion is very strong!”
“Father Fish is so confident!”
“He underestimates the power of naughty children!”
Kindergarten teachers know best how difficult children can be. Without enough patience and strong self-regulation ability, they are simply not qualified for this job. How can Xianyu, a newbie teacher who has just arrived, be able to control such a group of children?
At this moment, almost all kindergarten teachers who are interested in this variety show are looking forward to the part where Xianyu enters Beihai Kindergarten!
As expected.
Xianyu just entered the kindergarten and couldn’t subdue these naughty children. As soon as the principal left, the children in the class went into chaos!
Xianyu collapses!
The children were chattering enthusiastically, the fish’s head was full of black lines, and the special effects of crying silently came on, and the camera gave a very flashy memory:
It was a pre-work interview.
When the staff asked Xianyu if he was confident in doing this job, Xianyu said confidently:
no problem!
The words “No problem” echoed in a loop, contrasting with the scene of Xianyu being tortured by the children until he collapsed.
The audience laughed!
The kindergarten teachers also laughed!
The naughty kid in kindergarten really lives up to his reputation!
Countless professionals in variety show circles from all over the world who were watching the show were stunned, and their hearts were filled with countless surprises:
“This show seems to be more interesting than I imagined.”
“The fish dynasty cheating on each other is also very interesting.”
“The post-production special effects of the mutual cheating scene perfectly conveyed the funny atmosphere!”
“Wei Yuanyun’s part is also very good.”
“This show might be really popular!”
“I don’t think so. There is still a long time left in the show. Once the guests started to disperse and work separately, it wasn’t that fun. Only Wei Yun Yun’s part was funny.”
“Xianyu’s performance is nothing special.”
“The audience cheered because of Xianyu’s popularity, not because of anything outstanding about his performance and performance.”
Qizhou Variety Show Circle.
Many people were silent.
This variety show surprised many people and made them feel threatened. Their previous contempt for the show was much lessened.
They also saw that after the guests separated, the laughter was not as dense as at the beginning.
“In general, it’s the same misfortunes that celebrities encounter, without any accidents. The goddess of luck is more interesting. In contrast, Jiang Kui’s road-crazy attributes are also funny, but not strong enough. .”
“Isn’t the effect of Xianyu very good?”
“This is because Xianyu itself is very popular.”
“Because the routine did not surprise the