ordinary medicinal herbs, and I am almost a sixth-level horse. You must know that those strange things were left by the immortals. They have been rooted in the immortal mansion for many years. How come I am still not as good as you?”

It wilted, drooped its head, and asked unwillingly: “Groomman, what have you eaten?”
“What did you call me?” Wang Xuan glared.
“Brother Wang!” Grandmaster Ma immediately changed his tune.
Wang Xuan took out a small piece of the True Creation Crystal and shook it in front of its eyes. The strange energy substance that was close to reality immediately made its eyes wide open. Although it didn’t know what it was, it could feel that its soul was there. Trembling, wanting to be close.
/“Master, pony, I miss you so much. Why did you come here? You really miss me!”
Wang Xuan suddenly lost his temper and put away the real crystal decisively. This unscrupulous little pony changed his face too quickly. Not long ago, he was making all sorts of noises.
“What’s your name now?”
“Ma Yixuan!”
Wang Xuan slapped it on the head and said, “Say it again!”
“Ah, I made a mistake just now. My name is Ma Chaofan now, and I will share the years with Wang Xuan and live forever together!” It vowed to show its loyalty there.
“How are Qinghan and Wu Yin doing now? Are they still in the barrier?” Wang Xuan asked, this was the question he was most concerned about.
“Here, they are all extraordinary beings. There are really too many strange medicines in the Immortal Cave, which are very suitable for them. Even the root causes of their diseases are almost eliminated.”
Wang Xuan breathed a sigh of relief. There was no better news than this. As long as the person was fine, it didn’t matter what his strength was. After all, the age of mythology was coming to an end.
“The root cause of their illness”
Ma Chaofan said quickly: “The disease of the five debilitating diseases of heaven and man, although it is recessive, may be passed on to future generations. The final treatment is being carried out. One or two ingredients of the main medicine are missing, but they have all been accounted for.”
Wang Xuan nodded. If it can be cured, it would be good news. He asked, “How is that old fox?”
“My grandpa is very good.” Ma Chaofan opened his mouth and came without hesitation.
Wang Xuan: “”
Has the black fox become his grandfather? The cry was so smooth and natural, it must have been flattering and selfless, and it didn’t even feel abnormal.
“If you call him master, or master, I can understand.” Wang Xuan said.
“This is a smooth call, hehe!” Ma Chaofan didn’t feel embarrassed at all.
“How are Qinghan and Dawu doing here? There are no surprises.” Wang Xuan asked it for details about the situation of the two women.
At the same time, he also wanted to know some details about Lao Hu and whether there was any problem.
“They are very good. My grandfather cares about them very much. He has been making arrangements recently to choose husbands for them,” Ma Chaofan said.
“I#!” Wang Xuan was about to explode on the spot. Wha