“Ding dong.”
Forget it, it doesn’t matter.
Lin Yuan finally became a little excited. He even put aside the notice from the Literary and Art Association and looked at the golden treasure chest with pleasure:
Come three at a time!
Make a lot of money this time!
I wonder what good things can be found in the three golden treasure chests?
Get up.
Rush into the bathroom.
Lin Yuan squeezed out a large amount of hand sanitizer and washed his hands repeatedly.
After washing his hands, Lin Yuan said to himself: “It seems that I still almost didn’t care.”
/Take a good look!
This is how Lucky Sister uses it!
Opening the mobile phone group, Lin Yuan directly addressed Miss Good Luck: “Can you please sing a few lines of good luck?”
Wei Yuanyun: “?”
Two minutes later, Sister Luck sent a voice message.
Lin Yuan didn’t pay attention to the bunch of question marks in the group and just clicked on it. The voice of Wei Haoyun singing a cappella sounded in the room: “Good luck to you. I wish you good luck.”
Full of sense of ceremony!
Lin Yuan stared at the system: “Open a gold treasure chest!”
The treasure chest is open!
Golden light blooms!
After the rays of light, the system’s voice sounded again: “Congratulations to the host for acquiring the skill Confidant. This skill allows your musical works to present an effect that is appreciated by both refined and popular people. Even people who are not familiar with music can deeply understand the artistic conception of your work. However, this skill only The host can be used for performances in concert halls.”
Lin Yuan’s eyes widened!
European Emperor!
This wave is too European!
It turned out to be the soulmate skill that I had longed for!
The level of bugs in this skill is similar to that of Painting Realm, and it is the same skill produced by the system.
Lin Yuan likes it so much!
As for the limitations of this skill, Lin Yuan is completely acceptable.
After all, there are limitations to the painting environment, that is, the effect can only be felt by watching it live.
Just wait until Middle-earth joins the merger.
By the time.
The audience will surely enjoy a mesmerizing music feast!
Think of this.
The golden light flashed again.
“Congratulations to the host for getting the character card of Abigail, one of the top ten contemporary music dads in Blue Star. The host can learn music from Agai.”
Lin Yuan’s expression fell.
If Abigail were here, she would definitely see the barely concealed disgust on Lin Yuan’s face.
Abigail’s personal teaching would make ordinary musicians jealous to the point of madness, but in Lin Yuan’s opinion, it was a bit useless.
It’s not because Lin Yuan defeated Abigail.
The one who beat Abigail was Beethoven, it had nothing to do with him!
This music dad who ranks in the top ten of Blue Star is a fierce man who can even touch Chopin. Of course he is qualified to teach himself music.
The issue is:
I already have a more powerful Yang Zhongming character card, so what’s the use of adding another