just that Mr. Lin Yuan has never taken the initiative to publicize it, and he hopes that we will not publicize it to the outside world.

As a celebrity, he actually doesn’t like to be disturbed too much. He is a low-key person, and I believe the whole world knows this.
But in the face of slander, Mr. Lin Yuan did not want to explain, but we had to explain!
It’s a matter of conscience!
Why did Mr. Lin Yuan suffer such grievances! ! ?
I hope that every netizen who follows the slander of Mr. Lin Yuan can withdraw his inappropriate remarks. We cannot tolerate such a kind-hearted person being unfairly wronged! ”
this day.
/this moment.
The whole world looked at the huge donation list and was shocked like never before!
It records in detail how much money Lin Yuan donated on which day, and where the money was used!
For example, he has donated and built thousands of Hope Primary Schools in poor areas, and has provided free financial aid to countless poor college students. Even schools that cannot provide scholarships use his financial aid to provide financial subsidies to students.
For example, his money is used for drug development to make drugs with the same effect more affordable.
For example, he donated and built numerous flat roads, allowing people in mountainous areas to finally avoid the pain of crossing mountains.
He also built many hospitals to care for the elderly and help the disabled
He is involved in every disaster relief effort, but the amount of money other celebrities have donated has been in the news. He alone donates the most every time, but he keeps a low profile every time and does not want outsiders to know.
After the shock!
The whole people burst into tears!
Donate one trillion!
Not to mention that netizens were shocked, even Lin Yuan himself was dumbfounded. It turned out that he had spent so much money on system-customized works over the years?
All right.
In terms of the true value of customizing these works yourself, one trillion is actually just a drop in the bucket.
Lin Yuan didn’t care about money.
Money has long become a number without much meaning to him.
Although Lin Yuan didn’t know when this change in mentality started, he was obviously a very stingy person before.
“very nice.”
Lin Yuan suddenly smiled.
Who allowed himself to unknowingly have the qualifications to “make great contributions to the world”?
Lin Yuan just felt a little emotional and a little ashamed. He was not as great as the charity organization said. The money was donated by the system, not by himself.
But that was before.
In the future, if I take the initiative to donate money, I must be worthy of my conscience and this praise.
after all.
To Lin Yuan, money has become a pure number.
If you keep it here, you and your family will never be able to spend it all.
It is better to use this money wisely and spend it on those who really need it.
And on the Internet.
After experiencing the huge shock, the eyes of people all over the world began to turn red. This was a true nationwide burst of tears!