ed in agreement: “Then we sign the contract tomorrow?”

“Sign it tonight.”
/Fan Longhe was more eager than Gu Dong imagined.
“That’s okay too.”
Gu Dong didn’t feel excited at all. After she hung up the phone, she was in a state of confusion. She looked at Lin Yuan and said, “Representative, are you really sure? This kind of big contract must be marked with liquidated damages. If you can’t write a suitable song, ”
Lin Yuan gave an affirmative answer.
He knows that it is not easy for the company to receive orders, so he attaches great importance to this order. Anyway, this month’s salary has arrived. His small treasury now has tens of millions of funds, which can be said to be very sufficient and enough to cope with any situation.
That night, Fan Longhe rushed to the company with a bunch of people to sign the contract.
This is a big order of three million, so the liquidated damages alone are set at three hundred thousand!
If this deal cannot be completed, Starlight Music will have to pay 300,000 yuan in compensation!
What a huge gamble!
Gu Qiangyun’s signing hand was shaking a little unsatisfactorily.
If this order goes south, the already poor company will be even worse off!
Sign the contract.
Fan Longhe looked around and said, “Can I meet Teacher Xianyu?”
Gu Dong said: “He went home.”
It wasn’t that he left early this time. Lin Yuan went home at the right time after get off work, and Gu Dong personally sent him back.
Fan Longhe nodded and said seriously: “Okay then, I’ll take this order, please.”
“Don’t worry, Teacher Xianyu is very powerful.”
Gu Qiangyun said he was sure.
It’s not that Gu Qiangyun has enough confidence in Xianyu.
Mainly because he said this to every Party A before.
/Even though his worries were about to overflow, he couldn’t let Party A see his guilty conscience!
After Fan Longhe left, Gu Qiangyun sat down on the chair: “How can we arrange this order? Time is too short. Gudong, you are bringing back a hot potato. If you don’t accept it, I’m afraid I won’t have this opportunity in the future. If you accept it, I’m afraid of being directly burned to death.”
“Just go for it.”
Gu Dong sighed softly and said, things have reached this point, can you still regret it?
Shortly after.
The news that Lin Yuan signed a new contract has spread rapidly throughout the company, and the discussion in the group is quite lively:
“An order of three million!?”
“Thunder Entertainment is indeed a big company. This single order alone can directly offset many of our previous orders!”
“Representative Lin is too fierce!”
“Are you too happy? In just one month, Representative Lin has to write a song worth three million, and it has to meet their requirements. How much hope do you have?”
“Hey, let’s just be happy, don’t ruin our dream.”
“It’s not that I want to spoil the dream, the main thing is the compensation of 300,000 yuan. If this order cannot be completed, how will the company survive in the future? I don’t think the hope is even 30%.”
“Stop talking. The more I talk, the more scared I b