erer can’t just be me

The development of ideas has made many mystery writers realize that the trick can not only be used in the case itself, but also in every word that the reader reads!
Really cunning!
And the scariest part is
Even if “Roger’s Mystery” is a lie throughout the whole story, readers will be willing to be deceived by the end!
this day.
The latest news posted by Shen Jiarui on the tribe, although there are only three simple words, embodies the word “blowing” to the extreme. Those three words are:
/“Who else!?”
Who else?
For those who don’t know, I thought you, Shen Jiarui, were the author of “Roger’s Mystery”.
Some people in the circle were full of criticism, but they had to admit that there was nothing wrong with this guy’s boastful words about Chu Kuang before.
Worthy of being the number one Chu Chui.
Of course, not all reviews are good. As Grandma’s most controversial work, “Roger Mystery” has polarizing reviews, and some do not like it.
“The narrative technique is too clumsy. For the shocking effect of the ending, the excitement of the case is sacrificed. It feels like the main thing is ignored.”
“It’s obviously meant to fool readers, but many people still feel happy being fooled. It’s indeed very clever, but I don’t like this kind of reasoning.”
“I also don’t like this way of writing, but I also admit that this is indeed a new method of reasoning and writing. I can only pray that my favorite writers will not follow suit.”
“The evaluation criteria for reasoning cannot be completely based on unguessability. It’s an evil way of writing. I still like to draw out the cocoon and draw out the cocoons, rather than cooperate with the writer to play such word games.”
/“The ending is indeed shocking, but am I the only one who found the first and middle stages of it to be drowsy?”
“Although it’s really great, I can’t accept this narrative method. Although it’s wonderful, I have a subtle emotion that I may have been fooled. It feels a bit bad.”
There is a price to pay for teasing readers!
Because not everyone can accept this kind of teasing.
Moreover, there are different types of reasoning, and narrative reasoning is precisely the “poisonous point” of some reasoning fans.
When Grandma launched “Roger’s Mystery”, she also encountered many doubts. She believed that this article was unfair to readers and that the emergence of new things will face controversy.
at this time.
Not only some readers, but also writers feel that they have been poisoned to death!
Yes, after reading “Roger Mystery”, some mystery writers felt that they had been tricked, and they immediately cursed after reading “Roger Mystery”.
Most people who use foul language just say a few words and that’s it.
But there are writers who are born with a desire to vent, such as Leng Guang, a famous mystery writer in Qi Province.
The cold light is sprayed directly on the tribe:
“Since last night, people have been recommending “Roger Mystery” to me. I read it with great expectations, but after reading it, I was extremely disappointed