circumstances, as long as the publisher says hello in advance.

Think of this.
/The background must be changed. The version provided by the system this time has some better adjustments to the plot and changes in the writing style, but the background has not been changed.
The original version of the novel is both an educated youth and a member of the Republic of China, and it has a strong sense of the times.
Unlike “Tomb Raiders”, a modern background is enough.
Although Lin Yuan plans to change the background, he does not intend to directly use a modern background.
Some features of the original work are actually quite interesting, but they don’t hold true in modern times.
Fortunately, in order to change his background, he read a lot of Blue Star history books, so he has very rich historical knowledge and can completely justify himself.
First of all, we must ensure that the main line of “Ghost Blowing the Lamp” remains unchanged.
The legendary Captain Zhang Sanlianzi is the origin character of the entire novel.
/He hung three gold-touching talismans on one person, and combined it with the ancient Feng Shui theory unearthed from ancient tombs to write the “Sixteen-Character Yin-Yang Feng Shui Secret Technique”. He destroyed half of the volume because he revealed the secret of heaven.
Zhang Sanlianzi has four apprentices, the eldest is Feitian Suanni, the second is Jin Abacus, the third is Sun Guofu with yin and yang eyes, and the youngest is Tie Motou.
When the four of them left the army, because Sun Guofu did not want to engage in tomb robbing, Zhang Sanlianzi passed on the “Sixteen-Character Yin-Yang Feng Shui Secret Technique” to him, and gave the three gold-touching talismans to the other three, leaving behind the Jin Xiaowei’s admonition is that if we unite, we will live, if we divide, we will die.
Sun Guofu traveled around and happened to meet a fallen landowner who was digging his grave for wealth due to drug addiction. He was also the grandfather of Hu Bayi, the protagonist of this book.
Hu Guohua!
Sun Guofu decided to accept Hu Guohua as his disciple, and before his death, he passed on the “Sixteen-Character Yin-Yang Feng Shui Secret Technique” to Hu Guohua.
Finally it was in the hands of Hu Bayi.
Hu Bayi took the “Sixteen-Character Yin-Yang Feng Shui Secret” and was inspired by the antique dealer Da Jinya. He and his good friend Fatty began their career of tomb robbing together.
The story is divided into eight volumes, and each volume is a new adventure.
From this perspective, “Ghost Blowing the Lamp” can be regarded as a typical adventure novel, and it seems to be valid in the fantasy novel category.
But it is different from other fantasy novels.
Although the system left the work of changing the background to Lin Yuan, some unexplainable aspects in this novel were corrected by the system.
Another most important point is:
The horror and weird atmosphere in this novel seem to be magnified several times, giving people a feeling of panic.
While the system retains many of the exciting moments