“at present”
Is this feature not available yet?
In other words, can I customize my own movies in the future?
Lin Yuan said: “Then let’s customize a new script.”
The script is being customized
Lin Yuan suspected that the system was stuck.
Because of the customization of the system, it usually takes more than ten seconds to produce a work, and occasionally it takes tens of seconds. As a result, this time the system took a full five minutes to customize before finally responding to Lin Yuan: “The random customization was successful. Will the host accept five thousand?” The script price is 10,000 yuan?”
“How many?”
Lin Yuan thought he heard wrongly.
The system said: “Fifty million.”
Lin Yuan suspected that the system was making fun of him. How dare he sell movie scripts at such high prices? The price of 50 million was enough for him to customize many songs. He could even customize many novels, right?
If new movies can still make money at this level, then it doesn’t seem unacceptable to spend 50 million to customize a script?
It’s all a routine!
The longest road Lin Yuan has traveled is the systematic routine.
“Anyway, the money is used for charity. What can I say? It’s just how much you say. If the movie doesn’t make money, I won’t make movies in the future.”
Lin Yuan threatened.
The system remained unmoved: “Do you want to customize it?”
Lin Yuan gritted his teeth and said: “It’s settled, it’s settled!”
“Ding dong!”
System prompt: “Congratulations on getting the system script “The Tuner”!”
at the same time.
Lin Yuan’s money was deducted 50 million by the system.
There was no time to feel distressed.
Lin Yuan’s eyes were focused on the script “The Tuner”.
This is a
/Scripts for crime-mystery movies.
At this time, Lin Yuan was already familiar with the script through quantum reading.
how to say?
I knew that the genre of the new movie would definitely be completely different from “Tang Bohu Spots Autumn Fragrance”!
The script of this movie suddenly jumped from a comedy movie to a suspense crime genre.
Lin Yuan had experienced similar experiences several times when he was writing novels.
For example, he wrote “Net King” very well, and then the system threw a fairy tale novel to Lin Yuan.
For example, he was good at writing fairy tales, and the system asked him to write “Ghost Blows Out the Lamp”.
Just jump.
Very jumpy.
Not to mention that the outside world can’t guess what type Chu Kuang’s next novel will be.
Lin Yuan himself was confused
Will it become the case in the future that Lin Yuan and the outside world will guess what type Xianyu’s next movie will be?
All right.
No more complaining.
Lin Yuan roughly understood the situation after reading the script of “The Tuner” at the speed of light.
The first thing that can be confirmed is that the script of “The Tuner” is adapted from an Ah San movie.
But it must be said that Ah San is not original either.
Because Ah San’s film was adapted from a French short film.