toryboard is not impactful enough.

Who drew the hands? The angle is not natural at all!
This man knows nothing about painting!
Oh, it seems like I drew this manuscript myself
Looking at it, it’s really exaggerated!
There are many shortcomings in himself that Lin Yuan could not find before, but now looking back, he sees a lot of faults!
At this moment, Lin Yuan knew that it was not his previous painting skills that were poor, but his current painting skills.
too strong!
In the past, Lin Yuan was only at the professional level.
At the professional level, you can make a living through painting and become a cartoonist or something like that. If you become a painter, you might also be able to become famous.
But now, Lin Yuan is a master!
Master level is equivalent to standing at the pinnacle of a certain field!
There is also a perfect level in the system evaluation, but considering that humans are mortal bodies after all, it is difficult to achieve perfection, so master-level painting is already very extreme!
in other words.
In the entire comics industry, no one has better drawing skills than Lin Yuan. The most powerful cartoonist is only as good as Lin Yuan!
Lin Yuan suspected that no such person existed.
On the contrary, in the Chinese painting circle, there may be a super boss who is similar to Lin Yuan’s current painting level, but there is no specific investigation, and Lin Yuan is not sure.
“Once I’m painting, I’m invincible.”
Such thoughts flashed through Lin Yuan’s mind.
At this time, Luo Wei was about to get off work, and suddenly saw “The Spirit of the Halberd Eater” playing on the computer, and she was very excited:
“Has it been aired yet?”
“No time to watch anime.”
Lin Yuan interrupted Luo Wei with a serious voice: “Bring me the drawings you have completed these days and show them to me. I want to check the quality.”
Luo Wei didn’t take her eyes off the computer and muttered, “Didn’t you check it before?”
Lin Yuan said seriously: “Check again.”
Luo Wei reluctantly went to the next door and came over with a lot of drawings: “Here”
After saying that, Luo Wei patted her forehead: “It’s on the computer. Why are you looking at the original manuscript? It hasn’t been colored yet.”
“It’s useless to paint it.”
/Lin Yuan stared at the manuscripts that Luo Wei brought over and shook his head. As expected.
There seemed to be a golden light shining in his eyes: “All of them are unusable, every one of them is painted so poorly.”
Luo Wei was stunned.
Too bad at drawing?
These manuscripts were basically completed by Luo Wei and her assistants, and half of them were drawn by Lin Yuan himself. As a result, Lin Yuan said that every manuscript was not drawn well?
Just say that I am not good at painting.
You don’t even let go of your own paintings?
Are you being too strict with your work?
“Redraw everything.”
Lin Yuan is categorical!
In fact, it’s not that Luo Wei can’t draw well, but that his current level is too high, and people with high level will inevitably becom