. It was 48,000 years ago that the undead people escaped from Kunlun Mountain. The guidance given in Wangxiang Taichung may have been a guide given 48,000 years ago.

If parents had such magical power and could see the future, would they still be alive?
Xu Ying pursed his lips, maybe not, because Feng Yao had told him that the life span of the undead was thirty-six thousand years. Even if my parents escaped from Kunlun Mountain alive, they would not be alive today.
He looked at the scorched earth, feeling at a loss in his heart.
/Why was Xujiaping attacked? Why is there this catastrophe?
“Weiyang, how did you find this place?” Xu Ying asked, putting aside the chaotic thoughts in his heart.
Yuan Weiyang stood beside him, at the same height as him, looking up at the peak of Yuxu Peak in Kunlun, and said: “Someone told me that the top of Yuxu Peak is where the Yellow Emperor ascended on a dragon. After the Yellow Emperor ascended, there were a group of People were ordered to stay in Kunlun and guard this ancestral land. After the emperors of the past dynasties succeeded, they would go to Kunlun to worship their ancestors. The people who stayed here were called undead people, and they received all the emperors. These undead people worshiped Kunlun Mountain as their god, and Xishan Jade Mount Everest is the Queen Mother of the West, the mountain with nine heads is Kaiming, and the mountain with nine tails is Lu Wu.”
Xu Ying was slightly moved. Maybe he was the descendant of the group of people who guarded the Kunlun ancestral land. Maybe they were a group of people named Xu who settled down on the Kunlun Mountains.
“That person told me that he met six Nuo ancestors on Kunlun Mountain. They didn’t look like good people. He also dug up the words Xujiaping in the ruins.”
/Yuan Weiyang looked up at the top of the mountain with a look of longing and said, “The man who told me this came to Kunlun alone six thousand years ago. Here he encountered an ambush and pursuit by the gods. He broke out of the siege and came to Kunlun. The top of the mountain is where the Yellow Emperor ascended.”
Xu Ying suddenly remembered the martial arts god who established martial arts on the other side of the world in the beginning: “Will he be the martial arts emperor?”
Yuan Weiyang said: “He established a foothold in Kunlun, eager to ascend, trying to break through the limits of martial arts, break into the void, and open another pure land of the extreme path beyond the six other shores, called the other shore of martial arts.”
Xu Ying suddenly said: “So, he succeeded?”
Yuan Weiyang shook his head: “It was not completely successful.”
Xu Ying was confused: “Since you didn’t succeed, how did you meet him?”
Yuan Weiyang said: “I sensed the heavens and the world, and sensed an other shore in the void. There was a mixture of Tao in it, full of high-spirited fighting spirit. It was unparalleled, vast and profound. When I came into contact with that other shore, I encountered that senior’s influence. Will and establish a connection with him.