petition, and the results are half-dead.

Competitive youth fantasy novels are almost a completely blank field!
At this moment, Lin Yuan suddenly understood why the system wanted to give him a copy of “Net King”.
This is to fill the theme gap in the market.
For the novel market in Qinzhou, the theme chosen by “The King of Nets” is novel, but novelty also means that the creative direction chosen for this novel is very unpopular.
Lin Yuan suddenly felt a little worried.
Although “King of the Internet” can be regarded as a youth fantasy novel, can such an unpopular subject really allow me to complete the task of achieving a literary reputation of over 10,000?
No one knew what the prospects of “Net King” would be, so Lin Yuan could only wait silently for Supernova’s registration channels to open.
The end of the month.
He came to the company again.
As soon as he entered the composition department on the tenth floor, his colleagues congratulated him on the success of “Big Fish”. Apparently everyone had heard the song.
/Wu Yong even gave a thumbs up:
“I said before that a tailored impression song like “Big Fish” would probably not be popular, but I didn’t expect you to turn around and hit me in the face.”
“I don’t.”
Lin Yuan immediately denied it.
Wu Yong stood there and pondered for a long time before he understood Lin Yuan’s thinking. He couldn’t laugh or cry for a moment: “I’m not talking about that slap in the face.”
Don’t dwell on this.
Wu Yong sat next to Lin Yuan and said with a regretful look on his face: “Actually, “Big Fish” was released in the wrong month, otherwise the quality of this song would definitely have made it to the top.”
Lin Yuan was stunned: “You were born in the wrong month?”
/Wu Yong was also stunned: “You don’t know, right?”
Lin Yuan’s reaction said everything, this kid really didn’t know.
Wu Yong could only explain to him: “Don’t we in Qinzhou update the new song list every month? So most of the singers who have ideas for the new song list will release songs on the first day of the month, and they will be on this list and get a lot of public attention. The attention will be higher.”
Lin Yuan nodded.
Singers would choose number one to release their songs. He knew this, but he never delved into the reason.
So it was for rankings?
Wu Yong sighed: “Originally, “Big Fish” was expected to hit the new song chart. Although it was already mid-December when this song was released, the quality of this song is so good.”
Lin Yuan said: “But what?”
The popularity of the song is related to his reputation, so he is still very concerned about this.
Lin Yuan thought thoughtfully: “Where is the new song list?”
Lin Yuan did as he was told, successfully entered the official website of Qinzhou Music, and found his song at the thirteenth position.
Wu Yong said: “The top ten on the list are either new songs by first-line singers, or they are simply kings and queens of singers.”
“Let me listen and see.”
Lin Yuan listened to the top few songs with curiosity, and af