them into the storage bag, and returned to the bonfire, the bonfire had been extinguished, and the Paddlewheel Messenger was already sitting on a big rock. When he saw Wei Xiaobei coming back, he was furious. His eyes widened with bulging eyes: “I’m hungry!”

It has to be said that Pingwheel Messenger’s expression looks very cute combined with her appearance, but Wei Xiaobei has no intention of admiring the cute little girl at this time.
Wei Xiaobei came here to ask for help from the Pingwheel Messenger, so naturally he couldn’t offend the Pingwheel Messenger.
After heating a few pieces of barbecue, he handed it to the Paddle Wheel Messenger and blocked her mouth first. Then Wei Xiaobei started thinking about what to do.
I have Bi Fang offal on my hands. The only trouble is that Bi Fang offal contains high heat. If mixed with other ingredients for cooking, the only result will be a pot of coke.
But if you just cook Bifang’s offal, the taste will be extremely fishy, ??and it will be difficult to suppress the smell even with cooking wine. This Wei Xiaobei tried it when he was in the military camp.
Soon, Wei Xiaobei made up his mind to make hot pot!
There is no doubt that hot pot is the best way to cook Bifang’s offal. The spicy and numbing taste is enough to cover up the fishy smell of Bifang’s offal, and you don’t have to worry about the high heat contained in it scorching other ingredients. It’s full of water. The most high heat can do is boil water.
After thinking about it, Wei Xiaobei got busy.
For Wei Xiaobei now, no matter whether he has cooked a dish before or not, as long as he has watched others operate it or read it in a book, he can make it easily.
After all, Wei Xiaobei’s superb cooking skills allow him to master any dish with ease.
Soon, a steaming hot pot gave off an alluring aroma.
Wei Xiaobei was slightly disappointed that after this hot pot was prepared, it was only of rare quality.
This hot pot made the Paddlewheel Messenger extremely curious. After swallowing all the remaining barbecue in his stomach in a few mouthfuls, he came over and reached out to grab into the hot pot.
Wei Xiaobei hurriedly grabbed him. Are you kidding me? Does anyone eat hot pot and just grab it with their hands?
/Putting aside the issue of whether the handle will be burned, just putting the dirty hands of the Paddle Wheel Messenger in will destroy the hot pot.
/Besides, the offal and other ingredients haven’t been put into the pot yet. This is just the bottom of the hot pot. Only when the required ingredients are put in and scalded is it truly cooked. And you eat it while it’s scalding, you can’t pour it all in one go. Go down.
The Pingwheel Messenger pouted, looked at Wei Xiaobei angrily, raised his right hand, and showed signs of fighting if he disagreed.
How dare Wei Xiaobei provoke this Pingwheel Messenger? The strength of this Pingwheel Messenger is unknown, but it is at least much stronger than himself. With this palm strike, he would even vomit blood.
“Don’t worry, it’s not done yet.”
After Wei