When Thunder Dragon saw these two people clearly, he was shocked and said: “Why are you two here?”

It turned out that these two people were Yue Ming and Lin Xingchen.
Yue Ming shrugged and said calmly: “I know Shu Po can run away, so I brought Captain Lin here to intercept him.”
You Ye was also surprised: “Where did you get the bus?”
Yue Ming pointed to the bus and replied: “Before the plan started, I anticipated this situation, so when I was preparing our tools this time, I bought this ‘big guy’ by the way.”
Lin Xingchen, Lei Long, and You Ye suddenly understood a truth. Rich people can really do many things that ordinary people can’t do, and these things, even Wei Renwu can’t do.
Yue Ming pointed to the overturned Buick and said, “We have to see if Shu Po is okay. He seemed to have used too much force just now.” Yue Ming was still a little worried. After all, he didn’t want to hurt anyone. Even if the other party is a suspect.
The four of them tried their best to overturn the Buick.
Yue Ming opened the passenger door. Shu Po was not dead, but he was unconscious. Injury was probably inevitable.
Immediately afterwards, Yue Ming opened the back seat door of the “Buick” car. When he saw what was in the back seat, Yue Ming’s expression showed horror. He finally understood what was hidden in the back seat of Shupo, and I understand why Shupo is nervous about these things.
Yue Ming immediately closed the car door and told Lin Xingchen anxiously: “Captain Lin, keep an eye on this car, and immediately send more people to arrest Shu Po, and then call 120 to see if Shu Po and the others are seriously injured. I We need to contact Mr. Wei immediately.”
Lin Xingchen nodded and said, “Go find Wei Renwu, we’ll leave this place to us.”
Yue Ming quickly left the scene and called Wei Renwu.
The phone rang for a long time before it was connected. After the call was connected, Wei Renwu’s weak voice was heard: “Hey, what’s wrong?”
Yue Ming was very angry when he heard Wei Renwu’s voice. He said angrily: “You are actually sleeping. Now it’s urgent, and you are still sleeping!”
Wei Renwu on the other end of the phone was not only sleeping, but there was also a hot woman sleeping with him in his arms. Wei Renwu said impatiently: “I’m too tired, just take a rest. What’s wrong? I arranged things , you must not have finished it. Forget it, I will get up now, wait for me, I will handle this case personally right away. ”
“No, the matter has been settled. Shu Po has also been arrested.” Yue Ming said seriously, “And those three people.”
/ 20. Reap the consequences
Lin Xingchen sat on the office chair and said coldly: “What is Captain Zhao doing for you?”
/Lin Xingchen raised his eyebrows and said lightly: “I’m afraid it won’t go as Captain Zhao wishes. He has been put into a detention room and no one is allowed to visit him.”
Zhao Jun pointed at Lin Xingchen’s nose and shouted: “Lin Xingchen, why do you want to arrest my people? You must give me an explanation today!”
Lin Xingchen made a sound and said disdainfully: “What qu