d the sky thousands of miles away seems to be crushed by the breath of the gods!

In this short period of time, hundreds of gods have descended on the human world, and more gods are responding to the induction of gods and humans!
The ancestors of the major families clenched their fists one by one and watched this scene nervously. They are all beings who have reached the peak level of Nuo practice in the world today. They have reached the extreme state of Nuo’s path, and there is no way ahead!
They also looked for other paths, robbed tombs and dug for treasures, looked for the footprints of their predecessors, searched for the past of Qi Refiners, and obtained many earth-shaking secret treasures.
They have also seen rituals like the Zhou family’s to worship gods in many ancient books or murals, but this one is the only one with such thorough research and such a large scale!
This is the only one who acts as wantonly as Zhou Qiyun, no one else!
“What exactly does Captain Zhou want to do?”
The light behind them each spread out in a subtle way, and the sky suddenly became turbulent and turbulent.
Some of the hidden scenes of these Nuo Immortal Ancestors are the heavenly palaces and palaces, some are the vast rivers, some are the rolling mountains, some are the sun, moon, sky, and a starry sky.
Their respective souls soared to the top of their respective hidden sceneries, looking from a distance to see more clearly.
“They wanted to refine the soul, but they all did it wrong.” The girl beside Xu Ying said in surprise.
Xu Ying nodded lightly. Although his cultivation was still shallow, he could still tell that these Nuo Immortals were not training serious souls, and each one of them was a mess.
Suddenly, the storm surged on Mount Jiuyi, and clouds of calamity broke out!
The power of this calamity cloud came from outside the sky, and it came so fast. In a short time, it enveloped Jiuyi Mountain. The thundercloud continued to expand, surge, and spread farther away!
The power of Jie Yun comes from the world of Heaven, the power of Heaven’s artifact!
The so-called sensing the heavens and responding to people is precisely because Zhou Qiyun sensed the heavenly calamity at this time and received the response from the divine weapon of heaven, coming to reduce the calamity!
/But the power of the heavenly tribulation is really shocking. The terrifying power pouring out from the world of heaven is still invading outwards. The rumbling thunder and sky fire are moving in the thunderclouds, making the sky bright and gloomy!
The thundercloud arrived at the inner third level of the Shiwan Mountain, but it has not stopped yet and continues to expand outward.
Xu Ying was enveloped in an indescribable fear, almost suffocating as he watched this scene. The thunder cloud, centered on Jiuyi Mountain, quickly surpassed the traces of the five-hundred-mile catastrophe in Chaozhen Taixu Cave Heaven.
Yet it hasn’t stopped.
/The thundercloud is still expanding outward, like a huge millstone, rolling, expanding, rolling, and expanding