t let go of the golden light that wanted to escape. He raised his left hand slightly, a crack appeared in the palm of his hand, and a ball of fleshy threads spurted out, entangled the golden light.

Perhaps due to the exhaustion of Wei Xiaobei’s physical strength, the prototype of the life altar integrated into Wei Xiaobei’s body also seemed weak. After the flesh entangled the golden light, it was unable to drag it back, and he almost broke free from the golden light. Lose.
However, if this continues, there is a great possibility that the struggling golden light will escape.
Putting his right hand to his mouth, Wei Xiaobei touched his lips to the storage bag, and instantly a stream of spring water composed of secondary youth spring water was taken into his mouth.
This second-grade fountain of youth contains at least thirty drops!
What a waste!
Although this high-grade youth spring water has some ability to activate the body, its effect is not as good as Wei Xiaobei’s own super vitality to restore physical strength.
But at this time, Wei Xiaobei’s own super vitality ability was suppressed to the lowest state due to complete exhaustion of physical strength. If he wanted to regain his physical strength, he would have to wait at least half an hour!
With the entrance of the secondary youth fountain, Wei Xiaobei’s physical strength instantly recovered a little. At least his mouth could move, but this was not enough!
At this time, the barbecue, pickles and yinqi thick porridge stored in the storage bag has played a big role.
/Wei Xiaobei drank the thick porridge without any heat at all in a few mouthfuls.
As the thick porridge poured into his throat, an ice-like aura swept towards every part of Wei Xiaobei’s body. However, in the blink of an eye, it was broken by the aura slowly flowing through his meridians, transforming into A hint of heat.
After a few breaths passed, Wei Xiaobei could feel the strength in his limbs being continuously restored.
As Wei Xiaobei’s physical strength began to recover rapidly, the threads of flesh entangled in the golden light seemed to become active, constantly dragging the golden light back.
As the meat strands continued to tighten, the golden light gradually faded away, revealing a short pale golden bone.
There is no doubt that this is the finger bone of Anagami’s relic hidden on the pagoda!
/But the dragging speed of the meat thread was too fast. Wei Xiaobei didn’t even have time to throw out an attribute probe, and the relic finger bone was dragged into the crack by the meat thread and disappeared.
The next moment, bursts of chanting sounds came from Wei Xiaobei’s left arm, like a yellow bell, which made Wei Xiaobei’s forehead hurt.
There is no doubt that even if it is dragged in by the prototype of the altar of life, the Anagam relic finger bones may not be easily digested.
Judging from the intensity of the chanting sound, I am afraid that this chanting sound will follow Wei Xiaobei for a while.
However, Wei Xiaobei soon forgot about this matter.
Because at this time, as