t Kesmeer will definitely not be able to withstand it.

Although Kesmeer is born lucky, in Norse mythology, why does it specifically say that killing a goblin will result in a curse?
That means that some goblins were still killed.
Being born lucky is not a panacea.
Fortunately, after Wei Xiaobei rested for a while, although he did not completely get rid of his weak state, he at least recovered a lot. Looking at the distance, there is still a full fifty or sixty kilometers, which means that when Wei Xiaobei gets there, By that time, the weak state had completely disappeared.
After Wei Xiaobei made up his mind, he summoned the three digging pigs, jumped on the back of one digging pig, and gave the order, and the digging pig started running towards the World Tree.
So far, after excluding these three digging pigs, all the remaining digging pigs have died.
If the Altar of Life hadn’t fallen into evolutionary slumber, he could have cultivated an army of creatures. Then he could easily disrupt the situation and take away Casmeer.
/But judging from the current situation, Wei Xiaobei may have no choice but to go deep into the battlefield.
Wei Xiaobei felt quite unhappy about this kind of accident, but considering Kesmier, he had no choice but to do this.
The digging pig can run at full speed much faster than an ordinary car, about one hundred and twenty kilometers per hour.
Therefore, about half an hour later, Wei Xiaobei arrived at the edge of the battlefield.
The two sides were fighting in full swing at this time. It is conceivable that if the giant side wins, then the world of tree ash seems to be destroyed.
And if the World Tree side wins, then the Giant side will be hit hard and may have to stop for a long time.
As a result, this battlefield is constantly expanding.
Whether it’s the Giants’ side or the World Tree’s side, reinforcements from both are arriving in a steady stream, making this battlefield seem to be the place for a decisive battle.
When Wei Xiaobei was approaching the edge of the battlefield, he happened to be hit by a group of frost giants coming towards him.
When we meet on a narrow road, the brave wins!
The Frost Giant is just a three-star elite monster, and is naturally much worse than the three-star terror of the Fire Giant.
Therefore, even though the number of these frost giants exceeded thirty, Wei Xiaobei still did not choose to dodge. Instead, he pointed his big gun, and the digger pigs showed their fangs, ran quickly with their hooves, and activated their charge skills, speeding up. It increased suddenly and rushed towards those frost giants.
Seeing the three digger pigs rushing towards them, the frost giants were careless.
The frost giants are much taller than the fire giants, each one is over fifteen meters tall.
As a result, in front of these frost giants, in terms of size, the digger pig is really not good enough.
For example, it’s like how a group of humans armed with sharp weapons feel when they see a few dogs charging towards them.
These frost giants who possess frost a