long: “The Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons is too rich, if Xuan doesn’t take advantage of the opportunity to make some money, is he worthy of killing and killing along the way? It must be Get it!”

“I have already planned it. The Zhanhen clan will become a clown. The current Demon King cannot collect taxes. The little demons are all poor. There is no money to be squeezed. All the money is in the hands of the Eight Kings.”
“When I take over, I will first win over a group of people, suppress a group of people, and then win over another group.”
“Okay, okay, I understand.”
Ying Long was confused by what he said, just a few words, but Lu Bei was stunned for such a long time.
He asked Lu Bei to work hard and not be afraid of things getting serious. If things got serious, he would leave the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons and be a good person.
“Brother Ying, don’t worry. I’m famous for knowing my mistakes and being able to correct them. If you tell me, I’ll do what you say. I promise to report to you every time in the future.” Lu Bei promised, patting his chest.
He just said it was really unnecessary.
“Brother Ying, why don’t you speak again?” Lu Bei blinked his eyes, looking very innocent.
Ying Long felt uncomfortable all over and didn’t want to stay any longer. If conditions hadn’t allowed him to, he would have really wanted to discuss with Emperor Ji, to exchange Xuanwu for Qinglong and decide to leave.
“Xuanwu, I have a mission for you.”
Ying Long knew that Lu Bei would make an indelible contribution to the decline of the Ten Thousand Monsters Kingdom and would not leave the Ten Thousand Monsters Kingdom for a long time in the future. He asked him to pay more attention to the Phoenix Clan and, if possible, go there soon.
“Phoenix Clan”
Lu Bei frowned slightly: “Brother Ying, as far as I know, this clan is extremely low-key and shoulders the important task of guarding the gate of the wilderness. Unlike the Eight Kings, the flat-haired beasts of this clan are very good at beating.”
“It’s just because you can fight that I let you pass.”
/Yinglong said in a deep voice: “The death of the leader of the Phoenix Clan, Huang Xiao, is approaching. She has a son and a daughter named Feng Yi and Huang Yu respectively.”
Yinglong was not sure whether he could rival the first-generation Demon Emperor, so he decided to strike first while the child was still young.
“What does Brother Ying mean?”
“Go and test her abilities. If her qualifications are comparable to yours, no matter what the result is, she will be destroyed.”
/“How to destroy her? The Phoenix clan is notoriously invincible. Unless we kill her, we can’t destroy her at all.”
“If you keep walking around with her, she will become useless if you are close to her.”
Really good at judging people!
Lu Bei was speechless. It is true that he is a very prosperous girl who has the accelerator of cultivating immortals, but he is as self-disciplined as a Taifu, and now he is also a bit corrupted. Not to mention Senior Sister Bai Yueguang, who learned