golden threads hanging down from it. Human plants and trees can become monsters by receiving their essence, and foxes and ghosts can display magical powers by eating them. Plants and trees have nature but not life, and liquid sap has nature and can replenish life. Foxes, ghosts and ghosts have their own life, so eating it is very beneficial.

This vividly introduces the form and even effectiveness of the Emperor’s Ooze.
To put it bluntly, this thing only happens once in sixty years. Every sixty years in the Gengshen Year, it will fall down during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Calculating the time, this year happens to be the Year of Gengshen, but the problem arises, it has just entered summer, and there are still two full months until the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Isn’t the time right?
In the spirit of asking when in doubt, Wei Xiaobei immediately asked Ao Yan about the matter.
Who would have thought, Ao Yan sighed softly, and after a long time he quietly replied: “It’s no longer accurate to do it once in sixty years. You can also see the situation here, there are death places everywhere, and this is the reason .”
Ao Yan’s words were meaningless, but Wei Xiaobei had long been used to this kind of thing.
/From Ge Datian to Minglun Messenger, everyone is like this. As long as they talk about some secret issues, they will keep silent. Otherwise, they will say that Wei Xiaobei will know when the time comes.
There must be something big going on here!
But Wei Xiaobei didn’t dare to ask. Often, once a big event like this is known, it may not be a good thing.
Anyway, Wei Xiaobei also heard something from Ao Yan’s words.
To be precise, the time when the emperor’s ooze falls is not accurate, and it may not happen once in sixty years.
In this case, the emergence of the mutated dock makes sense.
But having said that, when faced with such a thing, Wei Xiaobei really felt like beating his chest.
Why didn’t I encounter this thing?
Although it seems from various literature that the Emperor’s Liquid can only be absorbed by monsters, it is a kind of compensation from heaven to all things in the world, but if you get this thing, the benefits will be great.
Not to mention anything else, just demonizing the White Mist Dragon Spear would be a big deal.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei was just thinking about it in his mind. After all, something like Emperor’s Liquid Serum can be regarded as a rare treasure that can only be encountered once in sixty years. He may not be able to encounter it once in sixty years, let alone Forget about the irregular times like now.
Fortunately, Wei Xiaobei finally got some pointers from Ao Yan.
Use blood to sacrifice! When it is connected with his own blood, the mutated dock cannot be driven away even if it is driven away.
Well, in Ao Yan’s opinion, this method is below average. In fact, the best way is to use the mutated wharf to refine the weapon and identify its owner, but the problem is that Wei Xiaobei can’t refine it at all.
/Ao Yan can be refined, but after it is refined, it becomes Ao Yan’s property