ALs here is a trivial matter, but if it pisses people off and throws a few thermobaric bombs here, hehe, it will be tragic.

Wei Xiaobei was able to escape unscathed, but the problem was that his family, Zhu Xinyi, etc., might not be able to do anything about it.
Well, anyway, these three guys can’t be put back.
“Okay, don’t touch your pen gun.”
Wei Xiaobei suddenly said something, causing the expressions of the three people to change. Then they all stretched out their hands, each holding a pen in their hands.
Puff puff!
Several sounds were heard in succession, and the fire light flashed.
Wei Xiaobei’s naked upper body immediately made a crisp impact sound.
The three people didn’t hesitate at all after firing the bullets with the pen. They turned around and threw a flying claw onto the wall. They used their hands and legs to climb up the five-meter-high wall in less than three seconds, and then headed towards the opposite side. Just jumped down.
“If I leave like this, others will say I didn’t entertain you well.”
Just when the three of them breathed a sigh of relief and were about to escape towards the coast, they heard a voice from ahead.
When the three of them took a closer look, their eyes nearly popped out.
What’s going on?
Isn’t this the naked man just now?
Three bullets didn’t kill him?
How can it be! ! ?
Although the caliber of that gun is relatively small, it uses steel-core bullets and uses a special primer. Its power is no less than that of a military pistol!
However, this suspicion only lasted in their minds for less than a second before they felt a shadow flickering in front of their eyes, followed by a pain in their necks, and a darkness enveloped their consciousness and they passed out.
“I will interrogate them alone. You go to the beach to check the situation. If someone comes to help, take them down directly.”
Wei Xiaobei stacked the three of them on his shoulders, gave instructions to Zhu Xinyi, and ran towards the other end of the island.
Wei Xiaobei was a little worried that the other party had a positioning system on him, so he did not dare to bring him into the underground reservoir for interrogation, so he simply went to the beach on the other side.
There are cliffs everywhere here, so you don’t have to worry about others finding out.
/When they arrived at the end of the field, Wei Xiaobei immediately woke the three of them up. Before they could express anything, he read out the introductions in their attribute tables one by one.
To be honest, the NSA agent who was originally prepared to kill him for not saying a word was stunned when he heard what Wei Xiaobei said.
I just feel like today’s things are getting weirder than the last.
Not to mention that the other party was hit by a bullet and did not die, and there was not even a single scratch on his body. To say what he said was as if he had read his own file in the NSA General Directorate?
Is there a traitor in the NSA?
The detective’s heart suddenly felt as if a bucket of cold water had poured down on him.
But even s