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But it’s different here with the Demon King.
With such a building, it is not too difficult to torture the devil’s heart. It is not easy for a person to become good, and is it not easy for a person to become bad?
After entering, you can easily obtain a demonic magical power.
Don’t underestimate this demonic magical power. No matter how demonic you are, you still have magical powers.
Just look at Shi Yankun and you will know.
/In terms of real combat power, I am afraid that even if ten copies of Shi Yankun are made, he may not be Wei Xiaobei’s opponent.
But with the magical power of Qiaoyan, Shi Yankun almost controlled Wei Xiaobei, and with the magical power of feet, Wei Xiaobei was unable to do anything for a while.
Although Wei Xiaobei fell into Wei Xiaobei’s trick in the end, how many people could Wei Xiaobei deal with like this?
This alone is enough to make Shi Yankun proud.
Well, that’s a lot to say.
After Wei Xiaobei used his knowledge and knowledge towards the Demon Palace of Greed, his foot speed increased dramatically again, and he even activated an intermediate burst attribute ability that he had not used for a long time!
Well, Wei Xiaobei made the right choice.
Just after the powerful knowledge of knowledge was activated, something seemed to be awakened in the Demon Palace of Greed.
Then the black smoke that enveloped the Demon Palace of Greed fell downwards, like a black rag melting into the ground.
In a moment, darkness poured down from the top of the mountain like a flood, spreading in all directions.
Wei Xiaobei’s eyes twitched when he saw it. He had a hunch that if he was shrouded in darkness, he might never come out again!
Don’t say much! Run all the way down!
It had to be said that the darkness spread extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye it was less than fifty meters away from Wei Xiaobei!
To be honest, if it weren’t for the fact that the Shi Yankun in his hand was still of some value, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but throw this guy out.
After all, with less weight, I can run faster.
Fortunately, Shi Yankun woke up at this time, and Shi Yankun, who was held in Wei Xiaobei’s hand, could see the boundless darkness chasing behind him without any hindrance.
/Wei Xiaobei could feel the muscles in Shi Yankun’s body tightening.
Well, this is not a struggle, but a physical reaction of imminent disaster or extreme fear.
“You! You! Why did you provoke her?”
After a while, Shi Yankun couldn’t help but started yelling at Wei Xiaobei. Looking at the sad and angry look on his face, people who didn’t know might have thought that Wei Xiaobei had killed his biological father or slept with his wife. .
scold me?
It seems that the previous handling of the dragon-capturing hand was not enough. Wei Xiaobei’s eyes stood up, and several flesh threads came out of the gap in the palm of his left hand, and without any hesitation, he pierced Shi Yankun’s shoulder.
“What a fool!!!!”
When Shi Yankun was scolding happily, his voice suddenly reached its peak. In terms of volume, it complet