to set foot on.

But in a certain core location, a sealed place that no one has ever set foot on, 365 demon-suppressing monuments are buried in the sea of ??sand.
They are also black, but these demon-suppressing monuments give off a few rays of light.
“How could this happen?!”
In the dark sky, I was shocked. Seeing the Demon Suppressing Monument, it felt like it was struck by thunder. It was full of disbelief.
The passage to the Heavenly Demon Realm is still there, and a way can be broken from the human world. The seal of the Great Light Tomorrow is not complete, but the shock of the Great Dark Sky comes from another point.
Since Da Guang found this way out tomorrow, why didn’t he set foot in the Heavenly Demon Realm?
Disdain to do so, or maybe the Demonic Realm already has a new master?
/Suddenly, the wisp of Buddha’s light flashed vaguely, and the Great Dark Sky was stunned. The Great Light did not want to continue to be a demon tomorrow. He had found his own way, was very happy, and was willing to sacrifice everything for it.
“There is no way to become a demon master if you are willing to fall for it!”
“I would rather live in the shadow of the past as the past than become a demon lord and command the people. Your ambition is nothing more than this.”
“If you don’t take it, I’ll take it!”
Da Ming Tian cursed loudly, it seemed that this was the only way to relieve the anxiety in his heart.
The great light will clear a path for Buddhism tomorrow, from the realm of demons to the fairyland, from the collapse of the heavenly way to the restoration of order, until the destined person Gu Zongchen comes to visit. As the first Buddha, he devoted everything to his way.
Such great ambitions and ambitions are incomprehensible to the Great Dark Sky. He is defined as the Lord of the Future. From the moment of his birth, he will only chase the figure of the Demon Lord.
boom! ! !
The black light went wild, and three hundred and sixty-five demon-suppressing tablets shattered.
The Great Dark Sky suppressed the darkness with one punch, eroding the black sand sea and creating an hourglass terrain like Indiana.
His eyes shone brightly, looking for the entrance to the Heavenly Demon Realm. At this moment, a golden light came from afar, exploding the clouds, and there was a constant roar.
It’s him again!
Da Guangmingtian was anxious and held up the black sky with both hands. But at the moment he raised his hand, his fist broke through the darkness and hit him right in the face.
The blood shadow collapsed, and the handsome head disappeared in an instant.
Lu Bei was breathing heavily, with a rather evil look on his face. He just narrowly escaped an extraterrestrial demon.
/Lu Bei was very fast, but compared to the magical ability of Da Meng Tian to cross the Kyushu continent in three steps, he couldn’t keep up even with a horse. Not to mention the distance, his endurance was too much.
Being able to get here in time was all thanks to Gu Zongchen’s guidance. He first used the Black Tortoise Ring to travel to the far west