uted Zhuge Jun.

Zhuge Jun nodded, and then wrote quickly, registering Wei Xiaobei’s calligraphy.
As for the number and so on, there is no need at all.
Anyone with a certain alias is at least a big figure in the cultural circle and enjoys a high reputation. Wei Xiaobei is absolutely impossible.
For example, Zhuge Liang was nicknamed Wolong, Pang Tong was nicknamed Fengchu, Sima Hui was nicknamed Shuijing, Li Bai was nicknamed Qinglian Jushi, etc.
They are not ordinary people.
After registering, Zhuge Jun asked Wei Xiaobei to take his fingerprints, and then took out the token, military uniforms, leather armor, etc. and handed them to Wei Xiaobei.
Wei Xiaobei immediately entered a tent and changed into his military uniform and leather armor.
Well, this leather armor is much better than the one worn by the captain, but its defense power is also relatively average, and its special ability is only a primary defense, which can weaken the enemy’s damage by 10%. Although this special ability is not bad, but At Wei Xiaobei’s level of combat, it was relatively average.
But after putting on the leather armor, Wei Xiaobei felt like he was gradually integrating into the military camp.
/Previously, Wei Xiaobei was wearing modern clothes and walking among the military camps. Not to mention the soldiers, even he felt a little out of place.
Of course, if you want to wear iron armor, you probably have to be at least promoted to the level of Yamen General in Zhao Yun’s army.
But having said that, when Zhao Tong became a Yamen general, he didn’t know whether he was promoted or demoted.
Wei Xiaobei followed the chief clerk and thought.
Well, the school grounds have arrived.
Zhao Tong was hanging his arms on one side, directing a group of sergeants to drill.
The next thing is all procedural.
Zhuge Jun, the chief bookkeeper, handed over Wei Dubo to Yamen General Zhao Tong. Even if everything was over, the next things would not be under his control.
“I’ve seen the tooth gatekeeper.”
Although Wei Xiaobei was Zhao Tong’s second uncle, in the military camp, in broad daylight, he could only be addressed and saluted according to his military rank.
Zhao Tong was quite dignified at this time, nodded, and immediately assigned the one hundred sergeants who were in training to Wei Xiaobei.
/This Yamen general was originally the general who guarded the Yamen of the city, but when the enemy attacked the city, he was the most dangerous general.
But now, General Yamen has become the one who leads the charge. In short, the danger has not decreased at all.
From here, Wei Xiaobei could see that Zhao Yun was really strict in running the army. He put his son in the position with the highest death rate, and even other generals could not say anything.
As for myself, as a subordinate of General Yamen, the level of danger is not much lower.
There is only one general in the army, General Yamen, who commands 500 men. The four uncles under him command 100 sergeants.
After Wei Xiaobei understood this, he asked the two captains to lead the team