than thirty centimeters tall.

Compared with the previous shabu, its coverage area has been reduced by more than half.
Changing another magazine, Wei Xiaobei continued in the same way.
Finally, when all the magazines on Wei Xiaobei’s body were used up, the shabu around the head was almost sticking to the feathers. Even if it expanded, it was less than twenty centimeters!
At this time, Wei Xiaobei threw away the AK47, held the gun in both hands, and shot at Yong again.
After losing the threat of shabu, Yong completely became a piece of fish on the chopping board.
Every time, Wei Xiaobei pointed his spear straight at him! After hitting Yong, he dodged and quickly retreated. After doing this for more than ten times, Yong’s body was like a can with eyes open, and blood continued to leak out of his body and flowed into the sand.
In the end, Yong could no longer hold on, and his barely upright body swayed before falling headlong onto the sand.
Seeing Yong fall, Wei Xiaobei didn’t have the slightest impulse and continued to stab Yong with his gun. He didn’t stop until Yong made no movement and his evolution points suddenly increased by 450 points.
Only after the evolution points increase, can Wei Xiaobei confirm that the opponent is truly dead!
After killing zombies several times at Green Lake University, Wei Xiaobei has realized this. In this gray world, most monsters are extremely tenacious.
Wei Xiaobei retracted the big gun, took a breath, and walked towards the completely dead Yong.
Compared with previous extremely dangerous battles, Wei Xiaobei got a big advantage this time.
If it weren’t for the desperate efforts of those mercenaries and the sudden attack of the red eagle, which caused the eagle to be seriously injured and unable to fly, you can imagine how difficult it would be for Wei Xiaobei to kill the eagle.
Maybe I just fill it in myself.
450 evolution points were completely inconsistent with Wei Xiaobei’s judgment of this Yong’s strength.
You must know that this is the evolutionary point of the nine black giant scorpions.
It is easy for a Yong to kill nine black giant scorpions. Even ninety black giant scorpions may be a dead end in front of a Yong.
After all, after the strength gap reaches a certain level, it is difficult for quantity to close the quality gap.
Standing still in front of the corpse, the current appearance of this Yong is ugly.
The wounds on his body, the marks left by the fire, and the messy blackened feathers all showed the intensity of the previous battle.
Wei Xiaobei reached out and grabbed some burnt feathers, and pulled them out gently. The feathers that had turned half black but not yellow fell off. There was even a lot of half carbonized flesh on them, giving off a kind of Weird meaty smell.
/And those wounds caused by bullets and rockets have basically stopped bleeding and closed up. From this, it can be seen that the one who caused the most damage to the crocodile was the red crocodile, and he really took advantage of it.
There must be something good about