s before it was pulled back. Even if Wei Xiaobei’s strength wanted to, he couldn’t catch it.

Tu Qingqing stretched out her hand to straighten the hair that had fallen on her forehead, her face flushed, but the words that came out of her little mouth made Wei Xiaobei feel a little ashamed.
What’s wrong with you?
It is indeed rude to suddenly feel lustful.
/“Sorry, I, I, I”
Wei Xiaobei felt a little unsure about how to explain this matter.
“Mr. Wei, I will tell you this Qingqiu Yangkui method first. You must keep it in mind, otherwise you will harm others and yourself.”
What Tu Qingqing said next made Wei Xiaobei unable to say a word. He could only nod his head and try to suppress the lust that emerged in his heart.
When talking about Qingqiu Yangkui’s method, Tu Qingqing’s face was extremely serious, just like a political teacher teaching in class, which gradually calmed down Wei Xiaobei’s racing heart.
After listening to it once, Wei Xiaobei roughly understood that this so-called Qingqiu Yangkui method was equivalent to the Fangzhong technique in the Huangdi Neijing.
But unlike the Huangdi Neijing, this method of Qingqiu Yangkui is only applicable to the women in Qingqiu who have not left the palace!
But the effect of the so-called Qingqiu Yangkui method is extremely miraculous.
To describe it simply in one sentence: “We live and die together, and our destiny is connected.”
Only in this way can Wei Xiaobei’s soul be strengthened quickly.
Well, Wei Xiaobei thought about it in his mind and felt that something was not right, but he couldn’t put it into words, but it didn’t seem to be harmful to him.
However, just as Wei Xiaobei was thinking about it, Tu Qingqing had already gone out and ordered the guards guarding the door to stay away. When he came back, he took out a simple bronze wine pot, lit a pair of dragon and phoenix candles in the tent, and spread the floor on the tent. All the beds were replaced.
Seeing Tu Qingqing busy with all this, Wei Xiaobei felt a little nervous for no reason.
Well, even though he was not a virgin, it would be a lie to say he wasn’t excited when facing such a beautiful and exquisite woman.
Under Tu Qingqing’s busy work, the tent quickly changed, and a strong wedding atmosphere lingered in the tent.
At this time, the tent became a lot darker. Tu Qingqing waved his right hand lightly, and the pair of dragon and phoenix red candles lit themselves, making the tent brighter.
Wei Xiaobei was not a fool, and he understood after seeing this scene.
The question is, is this too simple?
Well, Wei Xiaobei felt a little confused in his mind. What did Tu Qingqing’s actions mean at this time?
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t imagine it.
Two simple bronze wine bottles were placed on the small table. The bronze wine jug flew up on its own, tilted the spout, and poured the crystal clear wine into the cup.
Tu Qingqing raised a wine bottle. Wei Xiaobei felt his throat was a little dry and hurriedly raised another wine bottle.
“Alas, this place is shabby, so I can only bow briefly.”
As he spoke