no matter what, three wolf-dogs that were far larger than themselves were standing in front of them. Even with weapons in their hands, the three of them were all beating in their hearts.

As for Yang Tingting, she almost fainted from fright.
Fortunately, the three so-called sea animals then flicked their tails and ran away.
As the distance became longer, the three of them finally felt a little more relaxed, and they did not dare to stop at a distance and walked towards other streets.
But then, the three of them discovered that the three-headed sea animal was not far away from them, only about thirty meters. As soon as the three of them moved, the three-headed sea animal followed immediately.
Thinking back to what Wei Xiaobei said before, after a period of time, the three of them finally adapted to the fact that the three giant dogs were following behind them, and began to focus on more and more zombies.
Lickers can be seen everywhere in the shadows of those buildings and even on the rooftops.
Compared to other monsters, lickers are more cautious in their fighting instincts, but because of their zombie physique, they are unable to detect the aura exuded by powerful creatures.
In other words, if it were other low-level monsters, they would run away with their tails between their legs as soon as they felt the aura emanating from Wei Xiaobei. However, these lickers would not be able to feel it at all, so they would still hide behind Wei Xiaobei. Xiaobei surrounded him.
Compared to these lickers approaching quietly, Wei Xiaobei was more interested in a creature that was rushing towards them in the distance.
Through celestial sensing, Wei Xiaobei can sense actions directed at him from farther away than his eyesight.
For example, the humanoid creature running towards him at a speed of twenty meters per second was coming towards him.
And that humanoid creature should have something to do with the lickers wandering around, and the lickers are his eyeliners!
/That should be it.
In less than ten seconds, Wei Xiaobei rushed to the roof of a building.
The moment they rushed to the top of the building, two lickers flicked their tongues towards Wei Xiaobei.
The two tongues shot across each other like lightning. If it were an ordinary human being, there would be no way to avoid the ejection of these tongues.
But in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes, the speed of these tongues was not very fast. He grabbed the two tongues with both hands and caught them in his hands in an instant. Then he gently exerted force and pulled the two tongues to lick them. The eater was thrown away like a hammer.
Bang bang!
Two consecutive violent collision sounds were heard. The two lickers hit the outer walls of two buildings respectively, suddenly knocking out two big holes in the building. This was not over yet. After the lickers crashed into the building, There was a series of explosions inside, until the two lickers flew out of the big hole from the other side of the building, and finally hit the concrete floor, forming two large craters.