the community used to be Green Lake University.

At this point, Wei Xiaobei temporarily stopped experimenting with the seven-needle acupuncture technique.
The neighborhood in front is much more dangerous than before.
/Wei Xiaobei could clearly detect this through his heavenly senses. In this community, the number of lickers exceeded seventy!
But the strange thing is that the lickers have no intention of crossing the wall.
But in any case, it is not suitable for the Yang siblings and Cheng Dalong to enter the community. If they enter, they will die, unless Wei Xiaobei acts as a nanny.
Wei Xiaobei had no intention of becoming a nanny.
“You stay here first and wait for me.”
Wei Xiaobei looked at Cheng Dalong and felt that it would be better to keep some insurance, lest if this kid ran away, his subsequent experiments would be more troublesome.
Seeing Wei Xiaobei stretch out his left hand inexplicably, both Cheng Dalong and the Yang siblings looked at it with curiosity and fear.
Unfortunately, Wei Xiaobei had given them too much fear during this period.
Cheng Dalong and Yang Feifei are more or less men, and they are better, but Yang Tingting doesn’t know what to do now. In her heart, Wei Xiaobei is like a fusion of angel and devil, love? Or hate? She didn’t even know what choice she should make.
But no matter what the three of them were thinking, a few balls of meat shredded out from the palm of Wei Xiaobei’s left hand.
The shreds of meat fell to the ground, and in an instant they formed three and a half human-high meat balls.
What’s this?
The eyes of the three people suddenly widened.
Is this Wei Xiaobei still a human?
How could it be possible for shreds of meat to spurt out from your hands and form meat balls?
Soon, there was movement in the meat ball. After a burst of squirming, the meat ball split open one by one, and wolfdogs covered in mucus emerged from the meat ball.
After these wolf dogs devoured the pieces of meat one by one, they shook violently to dry the hair on their bodies.
After the three wolf dogs slowly stood up as their hair dried, both Cheng Dalong and the Yang siblings held their breaths.
What a big wolfdog!
Standing up, its height exceeds 1.6 meters! Almost as tall as a person, with extremely powerful muscles, he looked like a giant wolf standing in front of the three of them!
This difference in body shape made the three of them swallow their saliva.
You can imagine how terrifying it would be if they rushed towards you.
“They are Sea Shepherds, and they will protect you from now on. Of course, they won’t take action until the critical moment, so don’t count on them too much.”
Wei Xiaobei touched Hai Mu’s head and introduced him to the three of them.
After that, Wei Xiaobei jumped into the air, jumped onto the wall in the blink of an eye, threw his body forward, and disappeared from the sight of the three of them.
The three people really did not expect Wei Xiaobei’s sudden departure, but their minds were quickly attracted by the three huge wolf dogs in front of them.