to you.”

By the way, that pretty boy!
Cheng Dalong was now strong and all the fear in his heart had disappeared. He looked at Wei Xiaobei fiercely, planning to cut Wei Xiaobei in half if he said anything wrong.
Seeing Cheng Dalong’s vicious look, Wei Xiaobei laughed: “Go quickly, or else take back your power.”
This slightly coercive voice reached Cheng Dalong’s ears, immediately dispelling most of his incomparable arrogance. It was like a bucket of cold water poured on his head, sobering up Cheng Dalong’s fiery brain.
/When he thought that he had such power thanks to this pretty boy, Cheng Dalong no longer dared to stare at Wei Xiaobei, turned around and rushed towards the mysterious cabin.
Wei Xiaobei looked at Cheng Dalong’s back, judging the opponent’s improved strength.
The reason why Cheng Dalong was able to increase so much strength in such a short period of time was undoubtedly the seven-needle acupuncture technique performed by Wei Xiaobei!
This seven-needle acupuncture technique is not a skill or a special ability, but a secret book that Wei Xiaobei saw in the Sutra Pavilion of Shaolin Temple.
The cover of this secret book says seven-needle acupuncture. To put it bluntly, it is a type of acupuncture.
These seven acupuncture techniques have many functions. They can cure diseases and injuries, activate the human body’s potential, etc. It can be said to be a peerless acupuncture technique, and its value is so high that it is difficult to measure it with money.
But the content inside is extremely difficult to understand, especially without the guidance of a master. It is difficult for ordinary people to even get started.
Wei Xiaobei has a very high learning attribute and possesses unfathomable medical skills, which makes it difficult to learn.
Cheng Dalong walked over aggressively. The members of the Gray and White Gang who were responsible for the safety of the hut naturally would not ignore this guy who came over with a big knife.
“Stop! What are you doing?!!”
One of the leading members held a machete, pointed it at Cheng Dalong, and shouted sharply!
For Cheng Dalong at this time, except for Wei Xiaobei who made him feel threatened inexplicably, the others were just ants in his heart.
“How dare you point a knife at me! You are seeking death!”
Cheng Dalong’s confidence was extremely swollen at this time. In the past, he had to grovel in reality, but in the gray world, well, it was similar. His girlfriend seemed to have been robbed before, and he was even treated coldly by his brother-in-law. Such encounters, coupled with the violence of his strength, The increase made Cheng Dalong’s psychology somewhat distorted at this time.
After shouting loudly, Cheng Dalong struck the man with the big knife in his hand.
When it comes to Cheng Dalong’s slash, there is no plan at all.
He was originally an ordinary person. Not to mention learning martial arts, he had never even participated in ordinary fights. He only fought a few times after entering the gray world.
In short, it relies entirely on s