ally diminished. By lunch time, Wei Xiaobei’s sword skills were not perfect, but at least he had become more proficient.

A knife slashing at a fallen leaf can also cut it in half.
After wiping the bone knife with a clean rag, Wei Xiaobei wrapped it in a cloth.
This bone knife was about ninety centimeters long. It was neither too long nor too short inside the knife, but it was still a controlled weapon. Wei Xiaobei could not hang it on his back in a big way. In the end, he covered it with a newspaper thick After wrapping it several times thickly and making it look like a stick, I carried the things and left the martial arts hall.
After returning to the rental house and opening the door, Wei Xiaobei smelled the aroma coming from the kitchen.
Hearing the sound of the door opening, Zhang Tiantian came out of the kitchen. When she saw it was Wei Xiaobei, her face turned red: “Are you back?”
Wei Xiaobei naturally likes beautiful girls like Zhang Tiantian, but he also has his own principles. If he can’t give, then try not to get involved.
/However, Tiantian’s words at this moment were like the words of a young wife after seeing her husband come back, which made Wei Xiaobei’s heart skip a beat, but then he felt a little dizzy.
When Tiantian came up, she helped Wei Xiaobei take off his shoes and change into slippers.
This sudden burst of enthusiasm really made Wei Xiaobei a little overwhelmed.
Wei Xiaobei could only imagine that it would be better if he had a more rogue personality, and would just push him to bed without caring about anything!
But this is just imagination. Wei Xiaobei would not be able to do this.
“The food is ready. Where did you go, little girl? Come and serve the food!”
Li Lanxing’s somewhat angry voice came from the kitchen, which made Zhang Tiantian jump up like a bunny in shock, and slipped into the kitchen without caring that Wei Xiaobei had not yet taken off one of his shoes.
Wei Xiaobei smiled bitterly and changed into slippers. The slippers were a little too small, but they were new ones. They should have been bought by the two girls.
Wearing slippers, Wei Xiaobei had just arrived in the living room when he saw two girls bringing out dishes.
“Xiao Bei is back. Go and serve the rice. The bowls are all washed.”
Li Lanxing immediately started giving instructions when she saw Wei Xiaobei, showing the demeanor of a strong woman.
Serve the rice, take a pair of chopsticks each, and the three of them sit at the dining table and eat and drink.
Wei Xiaobei was a little surprised. He originally thought that the two of them were not good at cooking, but he didn’t expect that they still had three dishes and one soup.
Fish-flavored shredded pork, mapo tofu, stir-fried kangkong with garlic, plus a side dish tofu soup, a classic home-cooked Sichuan dish.
And it tastes pretty good!
“Awesome! You can’t tell, you guys are really skilled!”
Wei Xiaobei sighed in admiration, and without being polite, he stretched out his chopsticks and picked up a piece of shredded fish-flavored pork to taste.