and was beaten to death in the forest.

Wang Xuan came back to clean up the battlefield. He took off all the clothes of the living and the dead. He found the cleanest ones and put them on himself.
There were also various bottles, jars, weapons, etc., all of which were seized by him and collected into the fragments of the blessed land.
Zhuo Yang, who was beaten up, had a metal plate on his body. It was very special and full of patterns.
Wang Xuan interrogated two prisoners. One of the men was the opponent who had escaped by jumping into the river. Now he still has twenty-two bloody holes in his hands.
As a result, communication was completely impossible. Wang Xuan could capture the thoughts of the two people, but the other party had no spiritual realm and could not understand what he meant.
In the end, he only roughly knew that there were more than this group of people coming. They were competing in the secret place, and the winner would have great fortunes.
/Wang Xuan felt that it was too difficult to communicate. After all, he can’t really search his consciousness.
Finally, he blocked the mouths of the two of them in a fit of anger and led them closer to the extraordinary lair.
He observed the mountain turtle from a distance and waited patiently until he saw it leaving the nest to eat. He looked at the two of them and said, “You have almost rested. You can escape. I will give you a chance later.”
Wang Xuan only left their underwear with them, and like him earlier, the two of them were naked from the waist down.
/He tied the two of them up and took them outside the mountain turtle’s extraordinary nest. He quickly picked four yellow fruits from the small tree that looked like brass.
“Mount Turtle, if you want to eat me, I won’t argue with you. I will only eat a few of your fruits.”
Wang Xuan found three fruit stalks on the small tree, indicating that three fruits were ripe and had been eaten by the turtle itself.
“Okay, the three of us will run away for our lives. We’ll see you again when we’re destined!”
Wang Xuan let go of the two of them, and then ran away first.
He is not afraid of ten thousand, he is just afraid that if something happens to him, he will bring two people together to share the damage.
Wang Xuan plunged into the foggy area and fled all the way, because the speed of the mountain turtle was really not slow, and it would still be dangerous if it noticed it.
In fact, something unexpected happened. The mountain turtle came back not long after eating. It roared all day long and chased after it like crazy.
As a result, the silver bear was alarmed and flew high into the sky. It saw Wang Xuan and the two men running separately with their upper bodies naked.
It felt that the person who went to its lair earlier was a bare-backed human being, so it went straight to kill one of them.
Wang Xuan glanced back and thought silently. If it weren’t for the two people to attract firepower, the unexpected silver bear would not be able to catch up with him, but there is indeed a certain risk.
As for Sha