s spraying of water mist by the automatic watering system, some grass and shrub buds have quickly sprouted on this piece of soil.

Well, the areas with the most vigorous growth are completely covered in green.
In a few days, the fountain of youth water in the base of the fountain of youth will be filled with a hundred drops. At that time, the fountain of youth will be formed, thus activating the spring-like effect all year round and improving the growth speed and quality of all plants.
Well, although the four-season spring-like effect only covers an area of ??100 meters in radius, it is already pretty good.
At that time, the fountain of youth water base can be placed at the selected location, and some key plants arranged by Wei Xiaobei can be accelerated to grow and improve their quality.
Well, of course, the key plant is Wei Xiaobei’s chosen seasoning.
The Fountain of Youth base will be installed in the center of the botanical garden in the future.
In addition to the corresponding seasonings and ingredients provided by Wei Xiaobei, some of the output of this botanical garden can also be sold to the outside world with poor quality.
Of course, this poor quality is probably much better than the outside ones. In the future, with the fountain of youth water base Four Seasons Like Spring, Youth is always blessed by two special effects, plus gray world fertilizer and other things, Wei Xiao Bei Ke doesn’t believe that what he grows will be bad.
However, now was not the time to pay attention to this matter. Wei Xiaobei took the cultivated creature No. 189 to a cliff by the sea.
Wei Xiaobei had used induction pulse to see it before. The terrain here was difficult. If the workers were fine, they would probably go to the beach to play, or go to Guodu Island in groups for recreation. It was basically impossible to come here.
Arriving at the edge of the cliff, Wei Xiaobei immediately tested the performance of creature No. 189.
Well, the result is pretty satisfactory.
Especially after going berserk, it’s great to be able to stay awake.
Otherwise, Wei Xiaobei really wouldn’t dare to cultivate these guys in large numbers.
After all, their mission is to guard the island and protect their families. If they can’t hold back once they go crazy, they will be in trouble.
It’s okay to say that Wei Xiaobei can control them directly. If he wasn’t there, wouldn’t the Wei Family Island be filled with blood?
In this way, the shortcoming of this low-level madness increase in attributes can be completely ignored.
What’s more, after the secondary madness, the strength of this No. 189 creature has been greatly improved. Its strength, agility, and physique have increased by a full 5 points! The biological level directly breaks into the two-star terror, but the actual combat power is probably close to the three-star ordinary.
What’s not satisfying about this?
After the test is satisfactory, the cultured creature No. 189 will be completely finalized.
/What’s a good name?
/Wei Xiaobei hesitated for a while and finally named it Hai Mu.