g suddenly raised his hand and dropped three jade slips in front of the three people.

“If you want to establish a Taoist temple and seek long-term success, a brick, a piece of mud, and a handful of mud must be extraordinary things. How to use magic power to temper them, how to use blood flames to refine them, and how to build a Taoist palace. The jade slips are all recorded in the jade slips, as well as the houses, where the spiritual fields were opened, and where the ditches were dug to feed the monsters.
He will go to the market alone to discuss the situation, and you will dispatch them on the island. Start with these trivial matters and do them first. If there is nothing else, don’t bother Pindao here again.
Do things well. ”
Finally, he emphasized this sentence. From beginning to end, Chu Weiyang did not respond to the Blood Demon Dao method, but it seemed that he had already responded to the question to Zhu Xiu.
Seeing that the monks who were most bruised and swollen at this time all had happy smiles on their faces, Chu Weiyang just waved his hand and told them to disperse.
So, taking advantage of the increasingly cool autumn wind, and with some heroic thoughts of setting up a teaching and establishing a dojo according to the needs of the people, Chu Weiyang once again set his sights on the pocket magic circle in front of him.
Understanding these is already an extremely important part of Chu Weiyang’s road to establishing a dojo.
Let a group of people with cultivation skills build civil engineering. In fact, many tasks that were originally expected to take a long time are often completed in the blink of an eye by them using magic, spiritual thoughts, and kneading techniques. It took time to concoct it.
Countless people dived into the deep sea, retrieved the seabed rock that had been polished and hammered for a long time, and refined it with blood evil again, polishing it into pieces with finely carved cloud patterns and lined with talismans and seals. Patterned stone bricks.
Even the gravel is like this. Many Yuanmen and casual cultivators have been used in the repeated grinding and grinding, and a lot of fine dust glowing with spiritual light and broken and yellow herbs have been mixed into it.
And under the temptation of the complete Blood Demon Dao method that Chu Weiyang said, the initiative of this group of Blood Demon Dao monks was mobilized.
One of them is from a weapon-refining family in Daocheng. Of course, the inheritance itself is not very clever, and what he has mastered is only the skin of the skin.
But after all, there is a master who is different from ordinary people. He offers a method for refining precious materials. It is said that after using this method, ordinary copper ore can be mixed with several common spiritual objects. Hammered, and then condensed into some kind of spiritual brass.
/Naturally, it is far inferior to the mineral veins of naturally created spiritual materials. This level is just a convenient source of treasure materials, and refining can only be refined into t