om the gray world for the United States, but the United States needed to pay a fee.

This is also a method that Wei Xiaobei just thought of. After all, Wei Family Island is really conspicuous now. If it can gain a foothold among the countries in this way, it will be safer.
Not just the United States, as long as other countries provide money, Weijiadao will come forward to help deal with the monster problem.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei did not really do it to make money, but to make Weijia Island safer in reality, and at the same time, to cultivate the strength of core disciples.
To put it simply, Wei Xiaobei plans to build Weijia Island into an organization similar to one that specializes in dealing with monsters from the gray world. In this case, it will be less likely to arouse hostility from other countries.
The American ambassador was stunned for a moment at Tamalas’s reply.
In fact, when he first made this request, he did not expect that the other party would agree to it. It was just that the thought that the United States had to spend so much money to redeem its aircraft carrier fleet greatly affected his self-esteem and pride as an American. trampled on him, so he just made this request to make the other party feel disgusted.
But now, the right to choose was placed in front of him, which made the ambassador hesitate.
However, after that, the ambassador still felt a little happy. In his opinion, this was his victory and his own contribution.
He didn’t know much about the process of the aircraft carrier formation being captured, but he also knew how powerful it was to capture an aircraft carrier formation!
Although Wei Xiaobei’s answer is somewhat different from his own request, if the United States can get this help, it will still have many benefits.
Besides, the number and number of gray monsters appearing in the United States is no less than that in China, which makes the level of chaos in the United States higher than that in China.
Especially during this period, there are more and more monsters from the gray world, including monsters from indigenous legends, monsters from various American movies, and even troops from the War of Independence!
When dealing with these monsters, although the army can play a certain role, it can only be described in a few words, with heavy casualties!
Even some military bases have been attacked by these monsters!
Don’t think that those armies during the War of Independence were easy to communicate with. They appeared solely for the purpose of killing. Wherever they passed, there was blood.
/Of course, the U.S. military has also recruited some so-called gray world experiencers to form teams to perform some tasks, but these teams of gray world experiencers do not seem to be very reliable.
Especially this time against Weijia Island, from the beginning to the end, those who had experienced the gray world were beaten.
/This undoubtedly made the top US officials greatly disappointed in these gray world practitioners.
However, the ambassador was not clear about all this, and