r and looked at Wei Xiaobei as he left with fearful eyes.

Well, when Wei Xiaobei and Zhang Tiantian left the small courtyard, the scalper’s fear slowly faded away, and he counted the money with bright eyes.
These stacks of banknotes were 1,000 yuan each, easily over 300,000 yuan.
It’s definitely a profit. You know, even though ferry tickets are in hot demand now, no matter how good a scalper is, there’s no way they can sell deluxe cabin tickets at this price.
After all, there are only a few people who can afford luxury cabins, and more often than not, these cabins are empty.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei is not worried about the scalper running away with money. For Wei Xiaobei, he can easily catch the scalper from the clues he left. There is also a secret soldier who is closely monitoring the scalper. Once the scalper is If you want to leave Green Lake City, you will experience an inexplicable fear.
Wei Xiaobei greeted Zhang Tiantian, who was a little surprised, and sat in the driver’s seat.
Looking at the luxurious off-road vehicle, Zhang Tiantian had to admit that Brother Wei seemed a little different now than before.
The off-road vehicle drove towards Zhang Tiantian’s rental house with ease. Wei Xiaobei also lived there for a while, so there was no need to worry about finding a place.
The off-road vehicle drove into the community, and the security guard at the gate had long since disappeared. A few sloppy men who were drunk and looked like homeless people were leaning on the fountain inside the gate, laughing at the off-road vehicle that came in.
You can imagine how scared Zhang Tiantian and Li Lanxing would be living here.
“Eat shit!”
With a shout, a beer bottle flew towards the off-road vehicle in an arc. Seeing this scene, Zhang Tiantian couldn’t help but exclaimed.
Wei Xiaobei frowned, stretched out the car window with his left hand, and firmly grasped the beer bottle in his hand.
Those homeless people were probably drunk and didn’t notice Wei Xiaobei’s skills at all. What they noticed was Zhang Tiantian’s exclamation.
/The soft, lingering exclamation of the woman immediately activated the hormones in their bodies, and their eyes, which were slightly red due to alcohol stimulation, became even redder.
“Why, wasn’t you the one who fucked that little girl last time? It’s my turn this time.”
Suddenly, a few homeless people didn’t even see the woman, so they started quarreling with each other and even started fighting.
A bunch of rubbish!
Wei Xiaobei immediately threw the beer bottle away.
Bang, there was a loud noise, the wine bottle and the statue of the fountain collided together, and the child who shamelessly urinated in public was immediately torn into pieces and turned into countless stones splashing in all directions. The homeless people were beaten and fled away, but not many escaped. He took a step and fell down. Although Wei Xiaobei didn’t exert much force, the stones hitting his body were not that uncomfortable. It was almost like being beaten hard with a wooden stick.