iaobei there are, they will be killed.

The sum of fifty does not just equal fifty.
After moving to a forest away from the flame giants, Wei Xiaobei turned his attention to the attribute panel.
The main focus is on skills.
In the previous battle with the flame giants, the release of electric current supercharged by the electrician skills caused huge trouble to those flame giants.
It can be said that if the current had not stopped their actions, I am afraid that even if Wei Xiaobei wins, the losses will be even more severe.
After all, the flames erupted by those flame giants are so abnormal. Even if you want to dodge the range attack, you have nowhere to go.
Now Wei Xiaobei’s electrician skills have reached the pinnacle, thus extending his two extended special abilities: transformer voltage and electromagnetic field.
The extended special ability of voltage can use itself as the core to weaken or enhance the relationship between current intensity and voltage.
Wei Xiaobei has also tested it before, and it can probably increase the voltage to a maximum of 3,000 volts, and the current intensity can be increased by 1.5 amps.
In other words, it can roughly increase the voltage or current intensity by half.
To say this is pretty good.
Currently, the special ability to release electric current requires 3 evolution points for every 1 volt increase in voltage, and the same goes for every 1 milliamp increase in current intensity.
This means that the extended special ability of Transforming Pressure has saved Wei Xiaobei a huge amount of evolutionary points, and if this ability is used frequently, it can also improve on its own.
Of course, even if Wei Xiaobei maintained a discharge state all day long, this improvement rate would not be too fast.
/Therefore, if you want to improve this special ability, the best way is to directly upgrade your electrician skills.
Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobei didn’t think much more and focused all his attention on his electrician skills.
With the consumption of 1500 evolution points, the light blue electrician skills quickly turned into dark blue. The last trace of purple appeared and spread quickly, rendering the electrician skills into a light purple all over.
/The suffix of electrician skills has also been promoted from the pinnacle to the unfathomable.
Electrician skill (unfathomable): Due to the further improvement of the electrician skill, the two extended special abilities of voltage transformation and electromagnetic field have been improved.
Wei Xiaobei then checked the two abilities of voltage transformation and electromagnetic field. As far as the introduction was concerned, there was no change from before. However, after the test, Wei Xiaobei felt a burst of joy in his heart.
After the extended special ability of voltage transformation is improved, the voltage or current intensity can be doubled!
That is to say, the voltage can be increased to 4000 volts, and the current intensity is 2000 mA.
Of course, if the voltage is increased, the current intensity will be weake