Wei Xiaobei then began to think. After a while, Wei Xiaobei’s eyes lit up, and he recalled the memory of the environment he had seen before leaving the small desert island, and began to use this as a basis to analyze the small desert island. Summarize and organize the changes.

With Wei Xiaobei’s current intelligence, it would be extremely easy to do such a thing.
After a while, all the changes in this small desert island appeared in Wei Xiaobei’s mind.
Well, it seems that the boulder has moved sixty-three meters, and the small stone has moved thirteen meters, and there is a big hole here.
/After summing up these various changes, Wei Xiaobei was shocked to find that the newly added traces were on the lines between the stones and even the soil before and after the movement.
Then carefully calculate these traces!
Wei Xiaobei finally came up with an answer. These traces should actually be pits left by footsteps, and the size and depth of the pits were actually consistent with the weight of these stones!
Then, after most of the changes are taken into account, and after careful calculation, the only answer, no matter how absurd it is, is the real answer.
Besides, Wei Xiaobei felt that this answer was not too absurd. In the gray world, facts like this were normal.
Those stones have come to life!
This is the answer calculated by Wei Xiaobei!
If this were not the case, it would be completely impossible to explain the movement of these stones and even the traces left during the period.
Situations such as hurricanes and the like are simply impossible to exist on this small desert island.
The surrounding wave wall is enough to intercept these drastic weather changes!
Don’t underestimate the power of a turtle demon king in the ocean.
Even though they are all demon kings, this turtle demon king is much stronger than the blue crab, Xiaobei and other demon kings that Wei Xiaobei has seen.
To put it simply, the difference between the two lies in their use of power, rather than the difference in biological level.
Those blue crabs, Xiaobei Demon King can only use his own talent to put it bluntly. He doesn’t know how to hone his use of demon energy at all, just like ordinary people only know how to train muscles but don’t know how to use them.
But the Xuan Turtle Demon King is different, he is quite intelligent!
If those Blue Crab Demon King, Xiaobei Demon King, etc. are only at the kindergarten level in their use of demonic energy, then the Xuangui Demon King’s use of demonic energy should be at the professor level. The difference between the two is It’s unimaginable.
In front of the turtle demon king, no matter how many blue crab demon kings are there, they are not enough. With a thought, a violent storm will come, which is enough to tear the enemy to pieces!
Although its wave wall is only a small one, the power contained in it is quite astonishing.
/By this time, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but go to the island to have a look.
Wei Xiaobei stepped onto the small desert island in a few steps and came to a stone mor